EZ VPN™ – The Cloud Remote Access VPN for Anyone to Use


As we begin to shift towards a growing remote workforce, there is much to consider regarding the accessibility of corporate network devices from home. Following such demands would require a Virtual Private Network – a network that permits access to data, resources, and information through a remote site. As this often would require IT personnel to configure, the results are costly and complicated for companies to pursue. Establishing a connection that is both simple and secure is the solution that businesses are in desperate need of. Fortunately, a solution has been developed from those at EZ VPN Inc. who recently launched the first cloud remote access VPN service.

With EZ VPN™, you can deploy a cloud-based self-configuring VPN to your remote site within minutes. No router configuration, expensive infrastructure, or IT knowledge required. EZ VPN™ eliminates a variety of barriers for those who lack technical expertise or financial leverage to establish a secure network – making it much more accessible for those with limiting resources.

Whether you are a small to midsize business, EZ VPN™ makes setup convenient, efficient, and secure. With EZ Connect™ client software, users will immediately and easily be ready to work remotely with a unique hassle-free solution.

The beneficiaries of this service stretch across a multitude of industries – one of which includes Managed Service Providers (MSP). The technology behind EZ VPN™ uses cloud-remote access which bypasses the front-end infrastructure always allowing access to the remote network as long as internet access is available.

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EZ VPN™ is 100% OpenVPN compliant to guarantee maximum cyber security and protection.

EZ VPN™ has created three different plans in order to implement the right solution for you. Check out what we have to offer:

1.)  Standard
-Up to 4 users
-Allows 1 concurrent connection
-Supports 10 GB of traffic per month

2.)  Premium
-Up to 30 users
Allows 5 concurrent connections
-Supports 100 GB of traffic per month

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3.)  Enterprise 
-Up to 100 users
-Allows 20 concurrent connections
-Support 1 TB of traffic per month