FCS to Launch the First Technology Trusted Advisory Client Enablement Portal


FCS is pleased to announce the launch of its Client Enablement Portal: The first portal of its kind and focuses on streamlining communication and improving the experience between the customer and provider. The Client Enablement Portal helps to address several of the challenges customers face today including digital transformation, inventory and vendor management, resolve lack of IT talent and resources, invoice monitoring and overall customer experience. FCS has spent a significant amount of time and effort developing its platform and is confident that this will change the way companies choose to work the with providers they do business with.

FCS clients have access to over 400 providers in the IT landscape, including products such as Connectivity, UCaaS, Contact Center, Cloud, Colocation, Mobility, Telecom Expense Management, Microsoft 365, G Suite, Managed Security and Services, SD-WAN and IoT. The FCS Marketplace is sponsored by more than 30 top providers in the industry, as they believe FCS clients will see value in its platform, thus preferring to do business through FCS and the Client Enablement Portal.

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There are two ways to purchase from a provider today, direct or channel; FCS represents the channel. The channel provides pricing parody and allows clients, at minimum, to acquire the same services for the same price as if they were purchasing directly from the provider, while also having a more tenured support team with the provider. When doing business with FCS, some of the benefits clients receive at no additional cost include live project management, inventory and vendor management, active bill monitoring including the option to create billing and technical tickets, role based and managed service provider logins, as well as access to the FCS Marketplace.

FCS Founder & CEO, Robert Ford, states “we have built a secure digital platform that companies can trust to help manage their IT services with unlimited logins, bringing their entire organization together. With high turnover in the IT industry our customers were challenged by keeping up with existing services and trying to evaluate this through outdated spreadsheets. The Client Enablement Portal helps track this key information and is up-do-date and readily available. FCS has been focused on building the tools to enable the providers in our portfolio to support our mutual customers just as if the client were working directly with them. We are proud to be the pioneer with our SaaS solution and are excited about where we will take our platform next.”