Fauna Introduces New Capabilities to Help Development Teams Collaborate and Build More Secure and Responsive Business Applications


New team management features, multi-factor authentication, integration with identity providers, and real-time data streaming make Fauna the ideal data API for modernizing digital businesses

Fauna, the data API for modern applications, today introduced new capabilities that help enterprise development teams collaborate more efficiently on shared databases, secure their data against unauthorized access, integrate their applications with cloud identity providers, and improve application responsiveness via real-time streaming. Available immediately, these updates enable teams of developers to more easily and securely develop sophisticated business applications with Fauna.

“With new collaboration, security and streaming features, development teams can deliver secure applications more efficiently,” said Hassen Karaa, Vice President of Product for Fauna. “Requested frequently by business customers eager to adopt our serverless database, these new features are part of Fauna’s ongoing mission to free developers from the burdens of existing databases that require significant management and operational investments. Instead, developers can focus on building richer applications with features important to their business.”

Team Management with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

New team management features in Fauna allow development teams to securely collaborate and manage access to shared databases. Members of a team can be assigned different roles with varying access levels, including owner, admin, developer or billing.

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Fauna has also added multi-factor authentication (MFA) support, requiring team members to supply additional verification using any third party OTP authenticator app for every login event. MFA is an industry best practice that dramatically increases the security and safety of business data hosted in Fauna.

The team management capability grants individual logins and role-based access for an unlimited number of team members, enabling development teams to continue to scale their collaboration as they take advantage of Fauna.

Standards-based Integration with Third Party Authentication Providers

Modern applications for both consumer and enterprise services are commonly protected against unauthorized access using cloud-based identity management systems. Fauna now offers standards-based integration with third party identity providers such as Auth0 and Okta to help developers manage and secure access to their database resources.

Fauna’s unique API security model makes it safe to query databases even from untrusted clients like web browsers and mobile applications. Database connections and queries can now be further secured using third-party authentication, which works with Fauna’s existing attribute-based access control. Together, these features power new, more robust strategies for managing data security within business applications.

Real-time Database Streaming for Improved Application Responsiveness

Fauna now also supports real-time database streaming for documents, a popular request from its developer community. This capability allows applications to receive changes to data stored in Fauna in real-time, enabling highly responsive, engaging user experiences.

Fauna offers a push-based approach to streaming that is more efficient and performant than periodic polling, a method often employed by legacy SQL and key-value databases. Also, streaming data in Fauna remains strongly consistent, with event delivery order always reflecting the transaction order. This allows developers to simplify their code and application logic while using the most accurate data to power their applications.

Similar to other Fauna features, streaming is billed in a metered approach, allowing developers to pay only for what they use. Future updates to Fauna will bring collection streaming capabilities to the platform.

“We’re excited to see Fauna offering the capabilities to integrate with third party authentication systems as well as real-time streaming,” said Thanh Gian, Head of Information Technology at Savor Brands. “Built-in streaming sets Fauna apart from dated systems as we work to build a modern and interactive customer experience.”

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New Service Plan with Priority Support and Preview Sandbox

As part of these updates, Fauna also introduced a new service plan designed for enterprise teams modernizing their systems. Organizations with more complex support and compliance requirements can subscribe to the Business tier, which enables the delivery of more robust business services through premium customer support, access to a Fauna preview sandbox, and advanced capabilities such as unlimited historical data retention (also known as data temporality). The preview sandbox helps customers safely explore upcoming Fauna API changes as well as have early access to new features, to better plan their integration roadmap with Fauna. Unlimited historical data retention enables use cases such as change auditing and data versioning which are useful for meeting security goals and complying with regulation.

“The new enhancements we’re introducing today demonstrate our continued commitment to helping customers gain full advantage of serverless technologies in building robust and reliable business applications and services,” said Eric Berg, CEO of Fauna. “Enterprise developers require a trustworthy data platform that supports strong data security without compromising simplicity and scale, as well as a collaborative environment for developing feature-rich applications that are responsive and scale to global customer demand. Fauna is the only serverless database that delivers on these needs and bridges the data gap for businesses modernizing their systems for our increasingly digital world.”