Focus Telecom Introduces GPS Resilient Antenna Kit Built on infiniDome Technology

GPS Resilient Kit

Protects Critical Infrastructure Time Servers Against GNSS Threats While Offering Reliable Monitoring and Real-time Reporting

Focus Telecom and infiniDome Ltd., The GPS Security Company, today announced the general availability of GPS Resilient Kit, Built on infiniDome™ patented anti-jamming technology. Networks and critical assets and infrastructure stay protected and Informed with the GPS Resilient Kit that is designed to protect time servers against GPS interference.

The U.S. Government has issued a mandate to detect and protect 20 GPS-dependent critical infrastructures as defined by DHS that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

“Focus Telecom’s GPS Resilient Kit is a cybersecurity solution that includes a protection module, OtoSphere, and a network monitoring system, infiniCloud, providing server protection, real-time monitoring, and reporting ensuring minimal downtime of critical networks,” said Ehud Sharar, Focus Telecom CEO. “When synchronizing a bank’s financial IT network, an electric company power grid, or a mission-critical data center, having a resilient GNSS timing source is imperative. With infiniDome’s technology inside, we built a protection and monitoring solution, tailored for timing server protection, that allows for a robust GNSS signal as well as a high-availability, cloud-based GNSS monitoring solution that enables customers to detect GPS attacks in real time, react immediately and reduce downtime of the network.”

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OtoSphere™ is a small, add-on for any GNSS-based system that protects it from GPS jamming, making any receiver more resilient. “OtoSphere ensures continuity of timing and navigation, enabling normal operation during a jamming attack. Our unique interference filtering algorithm combines the patterns from two Omni-directional antennas enabling an analysis of where the interference is coming from and attenuating it, reducing its power and effect,” said Omer Sharar, infiniDome CEO.

Focus Telecom’s GPSensor provides ongoing monitoring of GNSS (GPS) data via infiniDome’s GPS Security Cloud, infiniCloud™, alerting of intentional and unintentional interference of GNSS frequencies. This standalone sensor is not connected to the network, or the antenna cable. GPSensor transmits critical information in real-time (over cellular link) either to infiniCloud or to the customer’s dedicated cloud.