Fortra Advances Cybersecurity Defense with Expanded Threat Intelligence Capabilities

Fortra Advances Cybersecurity Defense with Expanded Threat Intelligence Capabilities

Today’s attackers are wiser to current cybersecurity defenses and therefore more sophisticated in their attacks. To this end, global cybersecurity software and services provider Fortra recently enhanced its Threat Intelligence offerings, adding high-fidelity threat intelligence with timely, curated data to level the playing field and provide cybersecurity analysts the edge needed to stay a step ahead of modern threat actors.

Security teams use this trusted, high-fidelity intelligence to address blind spots in their own data and supplement existing security controls to proactively disrupt threat actors, prevent fraud, and enrich security,” said John Grancarich, Chief Strategy Officer at Fortra.

Fortra’s expanded Threat Intelligence services include:

  • Dark Web Compromised Credentials Monitoring – widens visibility into stolen credential intelligence uncovered from dark web sites that are designed to harvest and sell employee and customer logins as well as passwords stolen by infostealers and botnets. It also guards against future attacks by implementing countermeasures such as forced password resets and lockouts.
  • Threat Engagement and Disruption – covertly interacts with threat actors, on behalf of customers, to gain intelligence about the tactics, techniques, and procedures used. Enumerates threat actor infrastructure to disrupt Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks and phishing sites.
  • Intelligence Feeds – enriches existing internal threat data and optimizes security controls with Fortra’s high-fidelity threat indicators sourced from proprietary collection technologies and curated by expert researchers, to better detect and mitigate credential theft, email, and money mule threats.
  • Intelligence Assessments – improves threat-based decision-making with supplemental, expanded insights from Fortra researchers on phishing incidents, email threats, and counterfeit threats.

With an expansive portfolio of cybersecurity technologies, Fortra has extensive visibility into the infrastructure and methods used by threat actors. Intelligence from these technologies is fed into the Fortra Threat Brain, where it is used to enrich its solutions and deliver intelligence services to customers.

“Much of the intelligence we source comes from attacks that haven’t been detected by common defenses. By luring attackers out and engaging them, we’re able to identify how they function and the infrastructure they depend on,” said John Wilson, Senior Fellow, Threat Research at Fortra. “Our intelligence helps enterprises improve their defenses strategically and operationally.

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