MetaRouter Streamlines Compliance & Strengthens User Privacy Across Vendor Ecosystems with Advanced Consent Enforcement


MetaRouter, the trailblazers in Server-Side Tag Management, today announced the launch of Advanced Consent Enforcement, a game-changing solution that addresses the critical challenge of aligning consent categories with data collection and routing strategies.

With the proliferation of services and tooling designed to leverage visitor traffic data, enforcement of user consent assertions across a siloed technology landscape continues to challenge organizations’ compliance and IT teams alike. MetaRouter provides a configurable enforcement control plane for web event streams that reduces risks associated with data privacy violations by seamlessly aligning consent with collection.

Additionally, consent requirements, categories, and legislation are not universal – every company and compliance vendor takes its own approach to collecting, and organizing user privacy. But many businesses struggle to ensure alignment between their Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) and data collection practices – actual enforcement across so many data use-cases remains a challenge for most businesses. This misalignment can lead to unintended data leaks and misconfigurations, posing significant risks to user privacy and compliance efforts.

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MetaRouter’s Advanced Consent Enforcement bridges the gap between CMPs and data collection by enabling businesses to effortlessly synchronize their CMP-defined consent categories with data routing strategies to match unique data collection and compliance needs.  This ensures that user event and identity data is only collected and routed based on explicit and implicit consent, eliminating the risk of sending user event data where it shouldn’t be. This prevention of data misalignment also ensures the integrity of user event data and enhances the overall reliability of downstream processes.

“OneTrust’s robust consent management solutions enable trusted data use starting from the first touchpoint,” said Alex Cash, Director of Strategy at OneTrust. “MetaRouter’s innovative approach bridges the gap between CMPs and data collection, creating a truly seamless experience for our customers. Now, companies can leverage their existing OneTrust investment and ensure user consent preferences are accurately reflected throughout their entire martech stack. This not only simplifies privacy compliance, but ensures consumer data is protected and managed responsibly across an organization’s martech ecosystem.”

MetaRouter’s Advanced Consent Enforcement feature is structure- and CMP-agnostic, enabling organizations to ensure compliance of customer data during collection regardless of that businesses consent collection methodology or specification. Users simply need to set up the structure in MetaRouter that is aligned with their CMP or homegrown solution, and then the MetaRouter tag will collect those consent flags and enforce consent rules accordingly.

“MetaRouter is committed to empowering businesses with purpose-built solutions to navigate the complexities of data privacy regulations,” said Greg Brunk, Head of Product at MetaRouter. “With the introduction of Advanced Consent Enforcement, we are enabling our customers to actually guarantee adherence to their consent management processes across their customer data use-cases and navigate the complexities of data privacy regulations with confidence. By enabling our customers to enforce their own compliance rules across their entire vendor ecosystem through a centralized control plane with MetaRouter, we’re giving them more flexibility, more control, and lower barriers to entry on setup to ensure their users’ privacy and preferences are protected and respected.”

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