Fortra Launches Unified Cybersecurity Platform to Revolutionize Defense Strategies

Fortra Launches Unified Cybersecurity Platform to Revolutionize Defense Strategies

Fortra today unveiled its highly anticipated cybersecurity platform, named Fortra, uniting cutting edge solutions under a single umbrella for powerful defense against multi-vector attacks.

Fortra’s platform comes to market with an approach that is smart and simple. With security products feeding the platform over time, it will detect attacks from many threat sources, aggregate and correlate them using artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize patterns, and then help customers mitigate risk, leading to a more resilient and secure organization.

“Every day, Fortra helps customers by finding cyber threats and mitigating them,” said Kate Bolseth, CEO, Fortra. “We call these wins protected outcomes, and unleashing the Fortra platform is a significant step in our mission to do this better and faster for customers.”

The current version of the Fortra platform includes popular solutions like Fortra Cloud Email Protection, Fortra XDR, and Fortra Vulnerability Management. Coming later this year is Fortra Data Protection.

Key features of the Fortra platform are:

  • Simple deployment, patching, and upgrades across solutions via a single agent framework
  • Threat intelligence from across the Fortra portfolio goes into the platform, gets normalized, and returns to strengthen all products
  • Clearer visibility into incident activity to prioritize and accelerate resolution

“Customers are overloaded with a dizzying number of security tools,” said John Grancarich, Chief Strategy Officer, Fortra. “But they don’t talk to each other. They don’t share information with each other. Our platform lays those concerns to rest as our products become stronger together.”

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