Future Proofing Cloud Security: Challenges and Solutions in 2024

Future Proofing Cloud Security: Challenges and Solutions in 2024

With 91% of organizations working in the cloud, businesses are expected to spend $1 trillion in cloud infrastructure this year alone. Now, new research conducted by INE Security zeroes in on the biggest challenges facing organizations, pinpointing effective security solutions and offering insight into how different types of training can impact overall preparedness.

INE Security recently asked nearly 700 industry leaders and practitioners from around the world to explore the future of the cloud. Their responses are insightful and, at times, surprising. 

“As organizations gear up to expend an estimated $1 trillion on cloud infrastructure in 2024, it is increasingly evident that cloud security risk management is critical,” said INE Security’s CEO Dara Warn. “Continuous improvement, fortified by robust training, is emerging as the cornerstone for navigating the cloud securely. This research offers valuable insight into what strategies are working and echoes the call for proactive assessment, continuous adaptation, and substantial investment to bridge the gaps in confronting evolving threats.”

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The Crucial Findings

  • The Power of Cloud Security Training: INE Security’s survey research underscores that employee training programs are the linchpin for robust cloud security. Organizations recognize the pressing need to equip their workforce with the knowledge to navigate the complex cloud environment effectively.
  • Human Error vs. Threat Perception: While human error tops the list as the prime vulnerability to cloud security, organizations are actively countering it through comprehensive training and the implementation of best practices like multi-factor authentication.
  • Skill Shortage SOS: Despite leveraging a blend of native cloud tools and third-party solutions for security measures, a significant challenge persists—a lack of skilled personnel. Bridging this gap remains imperative for holistic security solutions.
  • Facing the Unknown: As threats like zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced persistent threats loom on the horizon, organizations exhibit a moderate level of preparedness to tackle these future challenges.

Cloud Security Trends 2024

  • Training Holds the Key: Notably, training emerges as the cornerstone of cloud security. Employee training programs take precedence, with 39% of respondents endorsing its efficacy.
  • Hybrid Tools & Practices: A whopping 91% of organizations are relying on a blend of hybrid security tools and cloud provider solutions for fortified security measures.

The Training Conundrum
The report highlights the inconsistency in cloud-specific training across organizations. Despite recognizing human error as a significant concern, only 1 in 5 companies invest in regular training to tackle this challenge effectively.

Preparing for the Future

  • Investment is Imperative: Organizations are poised to invest significantly in cloud security, yet challenges loom large: a skilled personnel shortage, budget constraints, data privacy concerns, and the dynamic threat landscape.
  • Eyes on the Horizon: The looming threats of zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced persistent threats command attention, necessitating a proactive stance in readiness.

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