GM Sectec & A2Secure Team Up To Improve Digital Security For Companies In Europe

GM Sectec & A2Secure Team Up To Improve Digital Security For Companies In Europe

GM Sectec, a global leader in cybersecurity, and A2Secure, an expert in digital security and managed cybersecurity, have announced a strategic alliance to jointly bring their solutions of cybersecurity and governance, in favor of preventing and managing the risks associated with the information security of organizations throughout the European continent.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and growing geopolitical challenges, the adoption of a common approach to cybersecurity and information security has become a necessity. Aware of this, the European Commission has proposed a regulation on cybersecurity and information security. By establishing common frameworks and priorities, these rules will strengthen inter-institutional cooperation, minimize risk exposure and advance the consolidation of the EU’s security culture.

The alliance between both leaders in cybersecurity is aligned with these actions, offering GM Sectec’s experience in cybersecurity, governance and compliance solutions and services focused on digital risk management. For its part, A2Secure leads the European market with managed cybersecurity services and ad hoc consultancy for companies that need to improve their maturity and quickly establish or expand their security capacity, assuring these organizations against constant cyberthreats, and guaranteeing the continuity of the business.

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It is of vital importance that companies belonging to any business sector consolidate information security management teams and implement effective cybersecurity strategies that allow them to continue growing, offering secure shopping experiences to their customers. Through this alliance, organizations will be supported by offering responsible innovation, through in-depth cyber defense, supporting the development and implementation of strategic solutions for the prevention and protection of threats, which safeguard the integrity of their systems and protect the consumers.

“In a rapidly evolving global economy, businesses in Europe have a critical need for cybersecurity tools to help protect their data. We are excited to consolidate this partnership with A2Secure, to work together and help organizations understand their true cyber risk, offering them effective and timely tools to strengthen their security” , said Héctor Guillermo Martínez, president of GM Sectec.

“For A2Secure, this alliance represents the growth and enrichment of our portfolio of services and expansion of our global coverage. We are experts in the challenges presented by information security and compliance with regulations, our goal is to continue expanding and innovating our offer in order to respond to continuous risks, changing regulations or increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks to which our clients must respond with agility.The union with GM Sectec means expanding our borders with a global partner and to which we will provide a specialized offer and a face-to-face response in the EMEA region”, highlights Albert Morell , president of A2Secure.

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