GravityAI Partners With WhiteSource As Preferred Vendor To Validate Third-Party AI Algorithms

GravityAI Partners with WhiteSource as Preferred Vendor to Validate Third-Party AI Algorithms

GravityAI, a startup that provides a simple, secure platform for enterprise product teams to explore, test, procure, and integrate third party AI algorithms, announces a preferred vendor partnership with WhiteSource, an open source security and license compliance management platform.

By integrating WhiteSource’s analysis into its algorithm review process, GravityAI can offer an accelerated implementation timeline to its clients.

“We are thrilled to partner with a company like WhiteSource, which is so genuinely innovative that their product solved issues for us that they were not even fully aware of,” said Dan Huss, GravityAI Founder and CEO.

“GravityAI is the first algorithm marketplace using WhiteSource’s platform to review third party AI algorithms. The automation and speed that this adds to our onboarding process will make for an even more streamlined, delightful client experience in which data science teams can quickly find and implement solutions that address their unique requirements.”

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GravityAI runs security checks on each model to ensure its data science solutions are accurate and contain no malicious code. WhiteSource, now an integral part of this process, provides the critical component of licensing and vulnerability testing needed to meet compatibility requirements in a large number of use cases. GravityAI reviews this analysis from WhiteSource on each new model to determine if it meets the standards for publishing.

“As data science solutions are adopted for an increasing number of business automation tasks, it is fantastic to see a firm like GravityAI bridging the gap between providers and end users while addressing the crucial areas of security and compliance,” said Rhys Arkins, Director of Product at WhiteSource. “We are excited that the team has found our platform useful in accelerating this process, and we look forward to partnering with GravityAI to help secure their production-ready models.”

In an effort to prevent in-house teams from continually reinventing the wheel, GravityAI offers turnkey data science solutions that work with existing systems and alleviate common ethical and legal concerns.

Given the demand for automation in nearly every industry sector, the solutions vary widely and offer useful tools for applications ranging from finance and health science to industrial manufacturing and government services. Institutions can browse the platform to see which algorithms fit their current needs and use credits to trade for other solutions as needed.

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