Group2FA Announces The First Two-Factor Authentication App For Shared Accounts


Group2FA, creator of multiuser 2FA verification for shared accounts is first to market with an application that simplifies the process of two-factor-verification for trusted groups. Developed to alleviate an account holder’s need to relay one-time passcodes to family members or co-workers for a shared account, the Group 2FA App reinvents how secure 2FA passcodes are received.

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“We’re very excited about this launch,” said Kevin Goldstein, Founder of Group2FA. “Whether it’s managing household finances, paying bills, or engaging in job-related workstreams, anyone familiar with two-factor authentication knows how frustrating it can be for joint account holders to access a shared account. Our patent-pending Group2FA App is a secure, hassle-free way to ensure that trusted members of a shared account receive login verification codes at the same time—streamlining the Two-Factor Authentication process.”

The Group2FA App is simple to setup and offers “basic” and “premium” monthly subscription plans.

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