HALOCK And Spirion Partner To Solve Vexing Privacy Compliance Issue

HALOCK And Spirion Partner To

Unique Solution Assists Privacy Attorneys in Finding Sensitive Data Efficiently

HALOCK, an information security professional services firm in the Chicago area, has partnered with an industry-leading data protection vendor, Spirion, to provide privacy attorneys the ability to contract out the business of finding data as a short-term engagement. HALOCK recently joined Spirion’s new Global Alliance Partner Program as an authorized Solution Provider.

With the nation’s focus on new regulations, law firms are busy working with their clients to achieve privacy compliance. There is just one problem, where is the sensitive data that needs regulating? This has left most law firms in an unenviable position when advising their clients by forcing them to develop generic policies and procedures which cannot be implemented effectively, nor are easily enforced.

“After surveying clients, many have indicated their privacy initiatives get stalled when trying to locate the sensitive data in the organization.” says Terry Kurzynski, Senior Partner at HALOCK. “HALOCK solved this problem with a unique set of services that leverage Spirion’s software to give law firms a ready-made solution to discover sensitive data by engagement – bypassing significant inertia associated with procuring large software products and their related implementation.”

“We are proud to partner with HALOCK, one of the country’s leading cybersecurity professional service firms to make our sensitive data management platform a standard part of their core managed solution security practice for privacy attorneys,” said Tom Palomaki, Chief Customer Officer at Spirion. “By identifying where personal, sensitive and regulated data lives on customer networks, HALOCK and Spirion can reduce the associated data vulnerabilities, risk and costs should a breach occur by shrinking their sensitive data footprint.”

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The Spirion Global Alliance Partner Program provides a structured program for collaborative partner engagement and solution development to better serve joint customers with integrated and certified data protection solutions for distributed cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments.

Legal advisory firms must guide their clients through the increasing complexities of data privacy compliance, and HALOCK’s Sensitive Data Management solution provides a valuable resource for privacy attorneys to address those challenges. For more information, contact HALOCK.