HaystackID® Unveils HaystackID Discovery Intelligence

HaystackID® Unveils HaystackID Discovery Intelligence

HaystackID, a specialized eDiscovery services firm supporting law firms and corporate legal departments, today announced HaystackID Discovery Intelligence, which synergistically combines artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, and human touch to address discovery challenges and opportunities.

HaystackID Discovery Intelligence transforms how cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals discover electronically stored information. The combined benefit of proprietary technology and processes used with optimized and tuned multimodal workflows for specific discovery objectives provides secure, defensible, and flexible capabilities to address the most complex and time-sensitive discovery challenges. It provides the insights and intelligence necessary to reach decision points faster and more economically than previously possible.

“HaystackID Discovery Intelligence encapsulates everything we do,” HaystackID CEO Hal Brooks said. “It manifests what we have developed all along – a holistic approach to solving discovery challenges with a combination of AI, data science, machine learning, and our next-generation review capabilities.”

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The four synergistic elements of HaystackID Discovery Intelligence include:

  • Potential – Proprietary AI technologies and processes to deliver on the potential of AI.
  • Precision – Proprietary data science approaches and algorithms to extract knowledge and insight.
  • Power – Proven application of proprietary machine learning workflows and analytics to maximize results.
  • Practicality – Proprietary review sourcing, selection, and support systems that power next-generation reviews with the HaystackID Discovery Intelligence synergy.

“The way in which HaystackID Discovery Intelligence’s AI, data science, machine learning, and expert reviewers work together is manifested in HaystackID’s Protect Analytics™ offering,” said Michael Sarlo, HaystackID’s Chief Innovation Officer and President of Global Investigations & Cyber Incident Response Services. “Protect Analytics is one example of HaystackID Discovery Intelligence synergy in action.”

Protect Analytics is an exclusive set of technologies and processes that allows client data set analysis for sensitive information including personally identifiable information and protected health information, as well as data breach code anomalies. Enabled by a collection of proprietary workflows and proven tools, Protect Analytics can proactively or reactively help determine sensitive data concentrations, locations, and relationships to inform notification lists, exposure assessments, and discovery targeting.

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