Hodlnaut Selects Fireblocks to Provide Robust Security for Digital Assets

Hodlnaut Selects Fireblocks to Provide Robust Security for Digital Assets

Hodlnaut announced a partnership with Fireblocks, a leading enterprise-grade platform providing a secure infrastructure for storing, issuing, and moving digital assets. The Singapore-based crypto lending platform strives to deliver the most secure user experience and is confident Fireblocks will help it provide that experience.

Fireblocks uses next-generation private key security (MPC-CMP) and hardware isolation technology (SGX) to create multi-layer security, eliminate single points of failure, and protect digital assets from internal collusion, cyber-attacks, and human error.

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Hodlnaut currently has an AUM of $250 million with a 20% month-on-month growth rate and thus needs an agile custody assets management platform that will enable secure transactions at scale and save on fees simultaneously. With the Fireblocks integration, users can access their digital assets securely 24/7 and hassle-free. Moreover, Fireblocks’ protocol-agnostic MPC-CMP enables seamless blockchain integration and quickly adds support for new tokens.

Fireblock’s CEO, Michael Shaulov, conferred about prioritizing the safeguarding of users’ funds sustainably.

“We are excited to support Hodlnaut by delivering the digital asset infrastructure needed to secure their growing user base,” said Michael Shaulov, CEO of Fireblocks. “Moving Hodlnaut to a multi-layer security infrastructure is another step closer to ensuring all digital assets in the ecosystem are protected.”

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In light of its commitment to provide a secure and impeccable service Hodlnaut has also performed a penetration test. “We have concluded our periodic extensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test (VAPT) on our web platform, and that has greatly enhanced our security posture. We look forward to performing another VAPT for our upcoming mobile application,” said Simon Lee, CTO & co-founder of Hodlnaut.

To further improve the customer experience, Hodlnaut is also planning to launch its iOS application in the third quarter of the year. The application will help customers deposit and withdraw their crypto assets and manage their crypto holdings from their iPhones. The release will support identity verification and seamless withdrawals, among other exciting features.

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