Horizon3.ai Launches Certified Partner Program for Automated Penetration Testing-as-a-Service

Horizon3.ai Launches Certified Partner Program for Automated Penetration Testing-as-a-Service

Horizon3.ai, a U.S.-based cybersecurity firm focused on automated penetration testing-as-a-service (APTaaS™), today launched the NodeZero™ Certified Partner program, also announcing Liberman Networks as the first NodeZero Certified Partner. Co-founded by Snehal Antani, former Splunk CTO, and Anthony Pillitiere, former Deputy CTO within U.S. Special Operations Command, Horizon3.ai’s mission is to help you find and fix attack vectors before criminals can exploit them.

To become a NodeZero Certified Partner, Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) must establish a track record of continuously running automated pentests, quickly remediating the critical findings, and then rerunning the automated pentest to prove that the issue has truly been resolved. This is done by applying purple team practices to improve the security posture of an organization.

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“Organizations that incorporate purple teaming – where the red (offense) and blue (defense) teams work together to identify exploitable vulnerabilities, ineffective security controls, and critical impacts to the business – are able to effectively secure, operate, and defend their enterprise,” said Monti Knode, Director of Customer and Partner Success at Horizon3.ai.

“These results are demonstrable and measurable,” stated Knode. “Achieving NodeZero Certified Partner status is 100% data-driven and based on how quickly critical threats are remediated. This certification isn’t subjective or ‘pay-to-play;’ only results do the talking.”

Liberman Networks, an East Coast MSSP serving multiple industries, including medical, financial, and technology, joins as the first certified partner. The new level of cybersecurity protection offered by the partnership integrates the defensive expertise of Liberman Networks with Horizon3.ai’s APTaaS solution, NodeZero, enabling organizations to continuously assess the security posture of their enterprise.

“Liberman Networks delivers purple teaming as a service, where our defensive expertise (the blue team) is integrated with NodeZero’s APTaaS (the red team), enabling us to quickly find, fix, and verify the remediation of critical threats to your business,” said Jason Liberman, CEO/CISO of Liberman Networks.

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“The struggle I had as a CIO, and the consistent struggle we see with our fellow security practitioners, is that they don’t know which MSSPs are truly effective. When working with our customers, it sometimes took 7 plus hours for the MSSP to detect that a pentest was being conducted.

That reaction time was well beyond their stated service level agreement, and customers use that data to hold their MSSPs accountable for delivering high-quality services,” said Snehal Antani, CEO & Co-Founder of Horizon3.ai. “Our vision is to create an ecosystem of partners whose results do the talking, and that customers can trust to have their backs.”

“The accuracy and acceleration NodeZero enables us to deliver to our clients is exhilarating,” said Liberman. “We’ve postured our teams to be more agile in development and IT management, and now we’re more agile in security, as well.”

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