Hornetsecurity releases 365 Total Protection Plan 4 for Microsoft 365 with AI Recipient Validation that prevents misdirected emails

Hornetsecurity releases 365 Total Protection Plan 4 for Microsoft 365 with AI Recipient Validation that prevents misdirected emails

Leading cybersecurity provider Hornetsecurity has launched its Plan 4 “Compliance & Awareness” solution of 365 Total Protection Suite, offering a higher level of defence and compliance with new AI tools, security awareness service, and permission management for Microsoft 365. This new plan covers a broader range of an organization’s Microsoft 365 security, compliance management and data protection needs, and prevents existing and potential risks of spam, malware, and threats. 

AI helps to prevent accidental data exposure

AI Recipient Validation is one of 365 Total Protection’s newest features, providing security and compliance managers with true visibility into how often employees are exposed to potentially misdirected emails and how they respond to them. It protects the end user by providing a warning when an email they are about to send appears to be misguided or contain sensitive information. The user can decide to either adjust their email or continue to send without modification.

Additionally, this new AI-based service continuously updates its understanding of the user’s email communication patterns by learning user behaviour and responses. It then automatically adjusts warnings for outgoing emails and prevents users from receiving similar warnings multiple times.

Strengthening employees’ security awareness

The new 365 Total Protection Plan 4 now also includes Hornetsecurity’s Security Awareness Service, which runs fully automated and continuously measures employees’ security behaviour. As part of this service, the Employee Security Index (ESI®) metric measures the security behaviour of employees to determine how well-versed they are in their security awareness. Based on this metric, additional training and phishing simulations can be adapted to an individual’s specific needs. This service helps to strengthen awareness of cybersecurity risks and threats, and ensures that employees are actively learning how to protect themselves and their organizations.   

Easy-to-use permission management improves compliance   

Permission management in Microsoft 365 is complex and failure to handle this properly can easily lead to data leaks. The new 365 Total Protection package therefore also includes 365 Permission Manager. This easy-to-use DLP (data loss prevention) service gives admins and CISOs an easy-to-understand view of all permissions and enables effortless auditing, management, compliance policy enforcement and violation monitoring.  

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Holistic management of risk prevention 

“As AI-based technologies increasingly make cyber-hacking more sophisticated and as targeted email attacks multiply, having full protection and preventative measures in place will lessen the risk of a potential data breach. With this latest version of 365 Total Protection, organizations will have all the tools needed to holistically manage risks and protect against them from all angles across security, archive and backup, and now compliance and security awareness,“ said Hornetsecurity CEO Daniel Hofmann

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