Hubble Technology Welcomes New Chief Technology Officer

Hubble Technology Welcomes New Chief Technology Officer
Hubble Technology Welcomes New Chief Technology Officer

Hubble Technology, the pioneer in agentless technology asset visibility, announced today that Alex Lisle has been named their Chief Technology Officer. As a cyber security veteran with over 20 years of experience in creating market-leading cyber security products, Lisle will bring a breadth of knowledge and experience that will support in the continued evolution of Hubble’s award winning platform.

“We are thrilled to welcome Alex onto our leadership team,” said Tom Parker, CEO and Founder of Hubble. “With the unique blend of technical experience and cyber industry acumen that Alex is gifted with, we feel even more confident than ever that we are positioned to continue to differentiate in the increasingly crowded market – delivering on a solution that solves some of the world’s most pressing cyber security challenges.”

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Lisle commented, “Security starts and ends with visibility. ‘What are the security risks of my organization?’ is a simple question, but before you can begin to answer it, you must first understand your entire domain of responsibility. In modern environments this problem has only increased. Within a highly dynamic network, gaining visibility into what your assets are and what risks are associated with them has become exponentially harder.”

“That’s why I’m excited to join Hubble as they are tackling one of the fundamental issues with security today, which is visibility into your organization’s environment,” Lisle continued. “Hubble’s mission is one which is close to my heart, providing a solution to one of the hardest areas of security. The opportunity to tackle such a fundamental and difficult challenge with a team as talented as Hubble is a dream come true.”

Prior to joining Hubble, Lisle served as the Chief Technology Officer at Kryptowire. Before that, he was the Chief Software Architect at Alienvault, where he designed and developed the flagship offering USM Anywhere, a groundbreaking, SaaS-based data collection, security analysis, and threat detection platform. After AlienVault’s successful acquisition by AT&T, Lisle joined Kryptowire as their CTO where he created the vision and drove execution for their disruptive and unique Android and iOS BYOD Security platform.

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