Hyperproof Overcomes Control Management Barriers with Automated Controls Monitoring and Testing

Hyperproof Removes Control Management Barriers with Automated Controls Monitoring and Testing

Hyperproof, a pioneer in SaaS based Compliance and Security operations, announced today that it will be adding new Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) functionality to its platform. With Hyperproof’s CCM functionality, compliance professionals will be able configure Hyperproof to automatically and continuously monitor, test, and validate the effectiveness of controls designed to mitigate a wide range of risks.

In the modern digital environment, data security and product reliability have become essential ingredients for building trust with one’s customers. As a company matures and expands into new markets, their executives, customers, and partners expect a greater level of assurance on matters of security and compliance. This assurance can only be achieved when a compliance team is able to execute rigorous controls testing and remediate issues right away.

Yet, testing controls consistently and thoroughly is a tall order for most organizations because they don’t have the tools to manage all controls in a consistent manner and easily collect evidence for testing. Compliance professionals try to do their best with the few resources they have. This ad-hoc approach to control testing leaves room for gaps, error, and neglect, which can lead to costly problems for an organization.

By setting up continuous controls monitoring in Hyperproof, compliance professionals can expect to eliminate unnecessary manual control testing work. They will gain insights into the operating effectiveness of controls in real-time and have exactly the data they need to be able to hold colleagues who manage key systems and business processes accountable for mitigating the associated risks.

“As someone who has to manage multiple work streams across both the compliance and security functions, I view technology as critical in helping me reduce routine work and make time to focus on the more strategic items. By setting up automated control tests in Hyperproof, I can worry less about those controls and focus my time on managing critical controls,” says Tony Dell‘Ario, Senior Compliance Manager at Highspot.

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Furthermore, when an organization’s controls and enterprise risks are centrally documented, managed, and monitored on a continuous basis within Hyperproof, senior executives and board members can have a higher level of assurance that their team is actively managing the critical risks facing the company.

After initial setup, Hyperproof will be able to automate all components of control testing, including gathering the evidence or compliance artifacts, initiating testing, generating results, and triggering follow-on tasks and alerts. In Hyperproof, one can configure a control to automatically update its health status based on a test result. Controls can also be linked to risks in Hyperproof’s risk register and the software can automatically update the actual risk level of a risk scenario based on the health status of a control.

“While we’re excited to be able to release our Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) capability at this time, we don’t see this as the finish line. It’s just the latest step of a multi-year journey we’re on to solve pervasive challenges in the assurance space for our customers. Over the coming months, we will continue to enhance our CCM capability and make new types of automated control tests available to our customers,” says Craig Unger, CEO of Hyperproof.

Hyperproof’s CCM capability is built upon several existing innovations the company delivered in 2021 and earlier in 2022, namely (1) Hypersyncs – or third-party data connectors for automating evidence collection, (2) Smart Tasks that can be automatically triggered and assigned to individuals based on compliance events, and (3) built-in reports and dashboards.

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