Darktrace Federal Welcomes Former U.S Marine and Senior CIA Officer Appointed as CEO

Darktrace Federal Announces Former U.S Marine and Senior CIA Officer Appointed as CEO

Darktrace Federal, Inc. (“Darktrace Federal”), a division of Darktrace plc (“Darktrace”), a global leader in cyber security AI, today announced that it has appointed Marcus Fowler, former U.S Marine and senior CIA officer, as its Chief Executive Officer.

Darktrace launched Darktrace Federal in March 2022 and since then has continued to advance its mission to serve the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the intelligence community (IC), federal civilian agencies, and national critical infrastructure to strengthen their defenses with Self-Learning AI. Darktrace Federal will ensure mission resilience, augment and accelerate zero trust implementations, and proactively defend against zero-days, insider threats, and supply chain compromises. In addition to defending on-premise and cloud IT and OT environments, Darktrace’s email security technology will be the basis for enabling federal entities to disrupt targeted, socially-engineered impersonation and account hijack attacks.

Since its establishment, Darktrace Federal has been focusing on the following key areas:

  • Deploying products based on Darktrace’s advanced Self-Learning AI technology on-premise and completing FedRAMP certification for email security and cloud deployments. For FedRAMP, Darktrace Federal is in the process of establishing Impact Level-5 and GCC High to protect federal civilian, DoD, and IC environments.
  • Providing technical demonstrations of Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI-based approach to cyber security to federal government critical infrastructure agencies.
  • Utilizing the new DoD contract funding vehicle Darktrace has executed to enable rapid deployment with DoD and federal civilian agencies and partners.

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Marcus Fowler, CEO at Darktrace Federal, commented: “At such a critical moment in our nation’s history, when nation-state cyber-aggressors are actively conducting operations for dominance in cyberspace, we aim to empower the U.S. government to be steps ahead of attackers to neutralize stealthy and sophisticated threats at their earliest stages. I am honored to lead the Darktrace Federal team and bring Darktrace’s proven AI technology to federal customers.”

Patrick Gonzalez, former U.S Air Force and U.S. Space Force contracting officer, who is a member of the Darktrace Federal advisory board and brings with him a wealth of experience in government acquisition and contracts, commented: “Following a lengthy career in this space, I am thrilled to see such a high level of interest so soon after the launch of Darktrace Federal. I am proud that we are taking the necessary steps to do business with the federal government and will continue to work hard to meet demand and ensure Darktrace Federal is on appropriate contract vehicles.”

For Darktrace Federal inquiries or contract vehicle references, please contact Sally Grant, VP of Darktrace Federal

Grant emphasizes, “we are standing by to support U.S. government cyber defenses. The speed and scale of modern cyber threats requires AI to augment human cyber defenders. We are here to support cyber analyst teams under attack from machine-driven cyber warfare.”

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