IBM Executive Sherri Thomas, Joins Camelot Secure As Chief Revenue Officer

IBM Executive Sherri Thomas, Joins Camelot Secure As Chief Revenue Officer

Camelot Secure, a revolutionary new cybersecurity company, today announced the appointment of Sherri Thomas as Chief Revenue Officer. With over 26 years of distinguished service at IBM, Thomas’ accepting this position underscores the industry’s growing rumors that Camelot is on the verge of launching truly unique cybersecurity services.

“We proudly welcome Sherri Thomas into our Camelot family. Her remarkable journey with IBM speaks volumes about her expertise and passion for driving growth. I am confident that Sherri’s global perspective and unwavering commitment will play a pivotal role in propelling Camelot to new heights,” said Stanford Oliver, CEO, Camelot.

As Chief Revenue Officer, Thomas will drive all Camelot’s go-to-market and revenue-generating initiatives and sales. These revenue-impacting functions include field sales, business and product development, engineering, customer success, operations, and marketing. In addition, she will support the Board of Advisors and cross-functional leadership teams.

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Thomas has had a diverse and extensive experience with IBM, holding various leadership positions across different regions and business units. She has hel strategic roles, including Vice President of IBM Federal Ecosystems, Global Vice President for Strategy & Transformation in the financial services sector, and Head of the IBM Innovation Studio in Munich, Germany. The career journey with IBM showcases her in-depth experience in strategic, customer-focused engagements across hardware, software, and consulting services from the Partner Ecosystem and Federal System Integrators. In addition, Thomas’ contributions span multiple industries and locations throughout North America and Europe demonstrating her global perspective and impact on IBM’s growth and success.

“As Chief Revenue Officer, I am eager to lead Camelot’s go-to-market and revenue-generating initiatives, leveraging my expertise in global sales and customer success. I look forward to working alongside the leading cybersecurity experts at Camelot to offer the highest quality of service and the most comprehensive protection for our customers’ data and systems,” said Thomas.

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