Identity Automation Launches Studio Module for RapidIdentity with Enhanced Rostering Capabilities

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Identity Automation Launches Studio Module for RapidIdentity with Enhanced Rostering Capabilities ITSW

Identity Automation, provider of RapidIdentity, the most complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform on the market, announced the launch of the Studio module with enhanced Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) capabilities.

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This new module provides bidirectional ETL capabilities including the transformation, combination, and filtering of data, which the company has leveraged for a complete refactoring of its RapidIdentity Rostering offering, a data rostering solution for K12 education. RapidIdentity Rostering automates the time-consuming process of integrating and synchronizing student roster data with target applications, ensuring K-12 students have access to virtual classroom resources within a few minutes, rather than a few weeks.

While Studio’s capabilities are ideal for rostering in the K-12 education space, it also offers value in other verticals where the need for data transformation is paramount.

The refactoring of RapidIdentity Rostering gives school districts more control by leveraging self-service capabilities. The intuitive user interface allows schools to select from a catalog of applications with pre-defined integrations; however, custom file formats for applications outside of industry standards are also available.

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In addition, RapidIdentity Rostering now provides school districts increased granular control over district data. As data can be filtered, districts can specify which data elements are shared with the applications. RapidIdentity Rostering can also be quickly implemented to provide rapid time-to-value and low cost of ownership.