Securonix Introduces SearchMore for Proactive Threat Detection and Response

Proactive Threat Detection

Next-Gen SIEM Allows SOC Teams to Search Live and Long-Term Data; Delivers Industry-First Community-Powered Threat Hunting Capability

Securonix, Inc., a leader in Next-Gen SIEM, today unveiled SearchMore to allow security operations teams to better detect and respond to threats that bypass preventative and detection controls. search more delivers the industry’s first Community-Powered Threat Hunting capability and provides the ability to search on real-time, streaming data, as well as long-term data.

“This is a huge step in cybersecurity monitoring. With a combination of cloud-native and big data architecture we are providing customers scalable search and threat hunting capabilities while reducing their operational costs,” said Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Securonix. “We strongly believe in a community-powered approach to cybersecurity and plan to incorporate it in all aspects of the Securonix Next-Gen SIEM platform.”

Community-Powered Threat Hunting

SOC teams who solely rely on their own threat hunting content are at a disadvantage when it comes to detecting continuously evolving threats. With a community-driven approach, Securonix creates collaborative threat hunting workbooks utilizing contributions from the Securonix threat research team, commercial threat intelligence, and global user communities such as MITRE ATT&CK and Sigma.

Live Search Channel on Streaming Data

The legacy practice of indexing data to make it searchable introduces pipeline latency and impacts an organization’s ability to act on threats in real-time.

Securonix live channel allows SOC teams to search and act on live streaming data with virtually zero latency. Security operations teams can set up multiple live channel searches that leverage Securonix threat content, or their own custom hypotheses.

Long-Term Search at One-Third of the Cost

Organizations are concerned about hidden threats existing in their environment. Finding these threats requires the ability to continuously run new searches and investigations on historical data. This creates challenges for legacy platforms with their lack of scalability and huge vendor costs for making long-term data searchable.

Securonix addresses this challenge by providing a rapid search capability at one-third of the price of comparable solutions. Leveraging its cloud-native, big data architecture, the Securonix platform decouples search and compute resources and scales on-demand to deliver high-performance searches on long-term data.

Integrated SIEM and SOAR

Securonix search and threat hunting capabilities are embedded within the Securonix Next-Gen SIEM platform, providing SOC teams a single pane of glass to hunt for threats, take action with integrated SOAR, and automate future detections with SIEM.

Multi-Tenant Threat Hunting for MSSPs

With a multi-tenant architecture, Securonix live and long-term searches can be executed simultaneously across multiple tenants. This allows Securonix MSSP partners to deliver a centrally managed threat hunting service to their customers.

“Securonix is continuously raising the bar when it comes to advanced threat detection and response, which is the reason why we chose Securonix to power our managed security services,” said Kelly Hertel, Sr Director, ICS Managed Security Operations, NTT DATA Services. “The SearchMore multi-tenant search and threat hunting capabilities coupled with our co-managed services delivers a powerful augmentation solution for security teams.”

search more Benefits:

  • Stop threats that bypass latent detections with the live search.
  • Discover dormant threats with ongoing searches on historical data.
  • Multiply threat hunting strength 10x with proactive community-powered content.
  • Reduce cost up to one-third for searching long-term data, compared to comparable solutions.