InfoSecHelp Announces Official Launch of Multimedia Online Security Services – Educating and Preparing Non-Tech Folks on How to Stay Safe Online

Online Security Services Educating and Preparing Non tech folks

Publications, tutorials, blogs, seminars, cybersecurity consulting, and an upcoming video series with online classes.

InfoSecHelp ( announced the official launch of its webpage and multimedia security services created to help keep people secure in the growing ubiquity of an unsafe, digital world. Founded by long-time computer specialist Siggi Bjarnason, who has been working online since the early 1980s, InfoSecHelp is a hub of helpful educational materials developed specifically with the layman in mind. As an internet and computer veteran, Bjarnason has spent most of his career helping others to navigate the digital universe, authoring a popular book on the subject that addresses relevant security issues: “Your Safety and Privacy Online: The CIA and NSA.”

“The purpose of this book, and InfoSecHelp in general, is to provide an average computer user with the knowledge they need to help them stay safe online, and make privacy choices that work best for their needs,” said Bjarnason. “My goal is simple: explain online threats and their remedies in clear, concise language. These materials are accessible to anyone with enough computer knowledge to shop online, use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. If you can do that, you know enough to use these materials and keep yourself safe online.”

InfoSecHelp: Multimedia Approaches to Online Safety

  • Publishing: Educational books, blogs and articles intended for the casual computer user and professional alike.
  • Security Review: Available for private consultations, Bjarnason and his team offer inhouse network reviews, computer setups, training, and other services as needed. Inquire directly for more information.
  • Seminars: In-person and online classes in online security, with more classes in development.
  • Videos and Online Classes: Currently in production with announcements forthcoming. Stay connected to learn more.

“Siggi is a straight-forward, reliable, ‘no-nonsense’ cybersecurity professional. He’s passionate about helping others learn about various technical subjects in a way that meets individuals where they are,” said Rhea Galsim, CyberSecurity Non-Profit (CSNP) Board member. “He’s well-versed on the latest news and security trends and how such can impact businesses of all sizes. Siggi is trustworthy and his insight should be well-regarded by all.”