Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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InfoSystems Partners with Nutanix to Provide Modern Data Solutions

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As a Nutanix Authorized Partner, InfoSystems guides clients to the most modern, transformational data infrastructure for greater efficiencies.

InfoSystems, a Chattanooga-based IT solutions provider, announced its new partnership with Nutanix, a provider of enterprise cloud platform solutions for businesses.

Traditional data centers present many challenges to businesses. With growing needs for business and IT complexity, as well as greatly increasing data volumes and cybersecurity concerns, CISOs are embracing cloud platform solutions for storage and enterprise cloud management. Through the Nutanix multi-cloud platform, the service provider enables leaders to accelerate business with a single platform for all apps, data, and cloud services.

“As a Nutanix Authorized Partner, InfoSystems is poised to implement this game-changing technology for clients,” says Kelly Nuckolls, InfoSystems Vice President of Marketing and Alliances. “These solutions enable easy deployment of any virtual workload and allow businesses to simplify and scale data infrastructure with cost-efficient appliances.” Led by the same developers and architects who created the renowned Google File Systems, the company’s management team hails from leading cloud, database, virtualization, and infrastructure companies. Together, they created a platform that essentially makes infrastructure invisible, elevating IT departments to focus on the applications and services that power their business.

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The Nutanix enterprise cloud platform converges compute, virtualization, and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence. The result is predictable performance, cloud-like infrastructure consumption, robust security, and seamless application mobility for a broad range of enterprise applications.

As an authorized partner, InfoSystems can implement the Nutanix solution to enable easy deployment of any virtual workload, including large-scale virtual desktop initiatives (VDI), development/test apps, private clouds, big data (Hadoop) projects, and more. Paired with InfoSystems’ depth of experience guiding clients through cloud migration and implementation, the Nutanix capabilities mean InfoSystems clients have tools to transform to modern IT solutions.

“At InfoSystems, it’s our goal to stay ahead of the curve to best position our clients for success, growth, and security,” Nuckolls says. “We’re excited about our partnership with Nutanix and the value it brings to our diverse portfolio of IT solutions.”

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