Inspur Information Collaborates with JD Cloud to Release Liquid-Cooled Server ORS3000S

Inspur Information and JD Cloud Jointly Launch Liquid-Cooled Server ORS3000S-01

Inspur Information, a world-leading IT infrastructure solutions provider, and JD Cloud, a digital and intelligent solutions provider, announced they have jointly launched the liquid-cooled rack server ORS3000S at the 2022 Inspur Partner Forum (IPF22). The server utilizes cold-plate liquid cooling to reduce data center power consumption by 45% compared to traditional air-cooled rack servers, making it a green solution that dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Cold-plate liquid cooling technology allows ORS3000S to improve heat dissipation efficiency by 40%. It adopts a centralized power supply design with N+N redundancy that is capable of meeting the demands of whole rack power supply, and can function at the highest efficiency throughout operation due to power balance optimization. This results in an overall efficiency increase of 10% when compared to a distributed power supply.

Pre-installation at the factory, plus efficient operations and maintenance (O&M) allow for 5–10x faster delivery and deployment. The ORS3000S has been widely deployed in JD Cloud data centers, providing computing power support for JD during major shopping events. It brings a performance increase of 34–56% while minimizing power usage effectiveness (PUE), carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Inspur Information has been a pioneer in direct and indirect cooling. With new heat conduction technologies such as phase-change temperature uniformity, micro-channel cooling and immersion cooling, Inspur achieves a 30–50% optimization in the comprehensive energy efficiency of the cooling system. This is achieved via cooling improvements throughout the server design, including a micro/nano-cavity, phase-change, and uniform temperature design for high-power components such as the CPU and GPU. This improves heat dissipation performance by 150% compared to traditional air cooling technologies.

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Experienced in the industrial application of liquid cooling, Inspur has built one of the world’s largest liquid-cooled data center production facilities with an annual manufacturing capacity of 100,000 servers. This includes a full-chain liquid-cooling smart manufacturing solution covering R&D, testing, and delivery for the mass production of cold-plate liquid-cooled rack servers. As a result, the PUE for data centers is less than 1.1, and the entire delivery cycle takes 5-7 days.

Inspur Information’s cold-plate, heat-pipe, and immersion liquid-cooled products have been deployed at a large scale. In addition, Inspur offers complete solutions for liquid-cooled data centers, including primary and secondary liquid cooling circulation and the coolant distribution unit (CDU). This total solution enables a full-path liquid cooling circulation for data centers with the overall PUE reaching the design limit of less than 1.1. Inspur holds more than 100 core patents in liquid cooling and has participated in the formulation of technical standards and test specifications for cold-plate and immersion liquid-cooled products in data centers. The company is committed to and will continue to lead the rapid development of the liquid cooling industry and the large-scale application of innovative liquid cooling technology.

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