Intermedia Combats Rise of Advanced Cyberattacks with Launch of AI Guardian™ Email Defense

Intermedia Combats Rise of Advanced Cyberattacks with Launch of AI Guardian™ Email Defense

Intermedia Cloud Communications, a leading developer of cloud communications, collaboration, productivity, email, and email security solutions for businesses and the partners that serve them, today announced the launch of AI Guardian – an advanced, artificial intelligence (AI)-based security solution designed to protect businesses and their employees from dangerous and targeted cyberattacks.

Integrated within Intermedia Email Protection – the enterprise-grade email security engine that currently protects millions of mailboxes globally – and powered by Armorblox, developer of a leading natural language understanding (NLU) platform for cybersecurity, AI Guardian’s algorithms analyze thousands of signals involving the language, context, and historical pattern of emails to prevent increasingly more complex spam, viruses, ransomware, malware, and phishing attempts from ever reaching mailboxes.

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And with global cybercrime damages projected to reach a staggering $10.5 trillion annually by 20252, businesses, now more than ever, need to better protect themselves with tools that take cybercriminals head on.

Traditional email security identifies incoming threats based on known signatures, but today, hackers launch many of their attacks using new sophisticated tactics like social engineering, impersonation, and other disguised methods with no previously seen embedded markers.

Acting like a security expert sitting beside users, AI Guardian goes to work by using artificial intelligence to analyze and automatically flag suspicious email from different advanced attack types and, through real-time actions, enables an organization to automatically quarantine and/or delete threats – threats that are designed to evade traditional detection.

The types of attacks that AI Guardian is designed to protect against includes:

  • Ransomware, credential phishing, and extortion
  • Payment and payroll fraud
  • VIP and employee impersonation
  • Socially engineered attacks
  • Attacks that attempt to compromise personal data and payment card information

“Integrating AI Guardian into our email security architecture adds a new, powerful level of protection to our already robust, multiple security engine strategy,” said Alex Smith, Intermedia VP of Security Technology.

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“And with hackers getting smarter every day, the importance of having a security layer with the expertise to intelligently combat advanced attack efforts is critical. At Intermedia, continually enhancing our security capabilities is a top priority for us, and this AI technology represents a significant new defense against a new and dangerous class of cybercriminal.”

For Partners

As a partner-first company, Intermedia Email Protection with integrated AI Guardian not only provides channel partners with yet another advanced Intermedia security solution to help protect their business customers’ operations and sensitive data from cybercriminals, it also helps to once again reinforce our partners’ position as trusted IT advisor and expert in their markets.

“With the accelerated rate and sophistication of attacks on business users, adding this artificial intelligence-based layer of technology to its leading Email Protection software continues to set Intermedia apart from the competition,” said Peter Hanna, CEO of Robo. “AI Guardian further proves Intermedia’s commitment to providing the highest level of security possible to businesses, and we’re excited to offer this added safeguard to our customers to bring them even greater peace of mind.”

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