InterVision Unveils Ransomware Protection as a Service[℠] (RPaaS[℠])

InterVision Unveils Ransomware Protection as a Service[℠] (RPaaS[℠])-01

InterVision, the leading strategic service provider, today announced its new offering, Ransomware Protection as a Service℠ (RPaaS℠). The solution is the first and only complete solution available to help companies tackle the growing threat of ransomware through cyber threat protection, detection, recovery, and strategic support.

Cyber-attacks occur every 39 seconds. Not only are these attacks more frequent, but they are also more intricate and require more thorough plans. Businesses often invest in protection and recovery platforms by combining and managing several separate solutions, but RPaaS from InterVision provides protection, response and recovery in all in one, complete managed service. It is also backed by industry-leading SLAs and a dedicated team of experts to protect against attacks before they happen.

“Companies must start planning for ransomware attacks with urgency as they are no longer just a ‘what if’, but a ‘when’ scenario,” says Jonathan Lerner, CEO of InterVision. “Implementing tools and software is just one part of the solution. InterVision’s RPaaS also includes strategic support to help customers create a security roadmap and give them experts to turn to for help in the event of an attack.”

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The InterVision RPaaS solution includes:

  • Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS): A trained team of experts leverages preventative tools to detect threats and protect organizations from ransomware before it happens.
  • Ransomware Response as a Service (RRaaS): A combination of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS) focuses specifically on ransomware protection and a strategy for recovery after an attack.
  • Strategic Support from a Virtual CISO: A dedicated vCISO guides maturation of security and risk mitigation and acts as an advisor to an organization during ransomware threat detections.

“Ransomware continues to threaten the IT landscape, requiring companies to evolve from traditional, disconnected cybersecurity tools to a comprehensive managed platform,” says John Gray, CTO of InterVision. “RPaaS is designed to provide the holistic solution businesses need to protect themselves, ultimately gaining piece of mind.”

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