Introducing Revolutionary Breakthrough HAWK Credential & Integrity Monitoring (ACIM) Service


Credential exposure and loss of data integrity pose significant threats to business continuity, the integrity of customer assets, and an organization’s overall reputation. To preemptively manage these threats, Advanced Intelligence is thrilled to announce the launch of the largest known HAWK Credential & Integrity Monitoring (ACIM) service as part of the ever-expanding Andariel experience!

Accessed through the Andariel platform and as a stand-alone API endpoint, organizations can engage in continuous risk monitoring through deep visibility into botnet infrastructure and the criminal underground. HAWK facilitates in protecting organizations from employee and customer account takeover, preventing breaches, monitoring unintentionally leaked or exposed data, and even halting phishing attempts through domain monitoring.

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Comprising four integrated tools all working in tandem, HAWK provides customers with unprecedented access to the largest collection of leaked credentials in existence to facilitate the most robust credential monitoring experience. HAWK offers customers access to over ninety billion records through all-source intelligence databases, over thirty billion parsed and deduplicated credentials, and nearly forty billion leaked credentials. Additionally, HAWK’s responsive API endpoint renders outputs in less than five seconds.

By providing organizations with data feeds that are updated in near real-time, the HAWK Credential & Integrity Monitoring service interrupts exploitation attempts before they mature into larger-scale events, thereby bolstering an organization’s security posture on both the individual and enterprise level.

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