Invicti Security & Partner Up to Bring Customers Full Spectrum AppSec Testing


Invicti Security and today announced a partnership to bring the full spectrum of application security testing and supply chain security tools to customers. This partnership pairs Invicti’s DAST, IAST, and API Security domains with Mend’s SAST, SCA, and Container Security solutions to give customers full code coverage and continuous security.

Balancing development speed and innovation with the best cybersecurity practices is critical for companies building and deploying software, particularly as bad actors are increasingly creative and agile in their attack methods. A complete stack of appsec testing tools that prioritize accuracy and scale is necessary to ensure teams can keep pace with both release schedules and security needs.

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“The rising number of security vulnerabilities in software results in an ever-changing attack surface, presenting a major challenge to organizations in maintaining and improving their security posture,” said Alvaro Warden, Director of Global Channels and Partnerships at Invicti.” To manage this challenge, companies must have a comprehensive solution that provides speed, accuracy, and coverage in their application security tech stack.”

Invicti and saw the opportunity to jointly support customers last year through partner opportunities. They continue to see growing demand for the joint, full-spectrum appsec testing solution as cloud-native software development is shifting risk attention from the network to the application level.

“We are thrilled to have this partnership and serve the world’s most demanding organizations with market-leading application security solutions from and Invicti”. said Vered Shaked, EVP of Corporate Development. “Our complementary offering, both static and dynamic, ensures the delivery of continuous security across the entire development lifecycle.”

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