ION Networks, a Division of APITech, Launch New Privileged Remote Access Solution

ION Networks

Reduces the risk of a privileged user breach through unique federated connection feature

ION™ Networks, a trusted name in remote device management and secure access solutions, today announced the launch of Netgard Privileged Gateway™, a new secure remote access tool for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), government and military agencies, and enterprises.

Netgard Privileged Gateway is the only remote access solution to have a federated connection at its core. This provides a more secure way to control privileged user access (whether internal employees or external MSPs, vendors or contractors) to critical networks and systems.

The federated connection builds a trust relationship between the organization and its users and defines the baseline security methodologies (i.e. encryption, key strength, hashing), which users have access to, and which endpoints will be exposed to each user.

Security is further enhanced through FIPS 140-2 (Federal Information Processing Standard) certification of the encryption at the heart of the system. This U.S. government standard is essential for solutions used by the U.S. government and other regulated industries.

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With these security features, Netgard Privileged Gateway meets all parties’ technical and security needs. It also saves MSPs and vendors significant time and resources by enabling them to use just one tool for all their customers.

“A broad range of privileged users need access to a complex network of distributed IT assets,” said Tom O’Brien, Netgard Product Manager. “This includes Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and vendors, as well as internal users, but traditional network security falls short in meeting the demands of Privileged Session Management. By adopting a principle of least privilege, Netgard Privileged Gateway ensures only verified users have access, and then only to the parts of the network that are pertinent to their roles.”

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“Our ION Networks solutions have been trusted to solve secure access challenges for government and military agencies, and corporate enterprises for over 30 years,” said Terrence Hahn, CEO, at APITech. “Netgard Privileged Gateway will now enable customers to securely manage and monitor their critical voice and data network infrastructures.”