IQ BackOffice Ensures Client Success with Strong Business Continuity Planning

IQ BackOffice

The leader in financial process automation and outsourcing utilizes cloud-based technology to keep processes steady

IQ BackOffice, a global leader in financial process automation and business process outsourcing, has seen success internally and for clients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to a sustainable business continuity plan, IQ BackOffice has ensured that its staff and client operations were not compromised by pandemic-related changes and the company has even onboarded new clients and employees during this time.

Although IQ BackOffice clients faced internal disruptions like transitioning to remote work or downsizing, IQ BackOffice kept clients’ critical financial processes functioning and continued to process transactions within 24 hours digitally and automatically without any delays or interruption. In these challenging economic times, ensuring that clients have real-time visibility to revenue, liabilities, and cash flow is more critical than ever.

Due to the company’s enduring commitment to business transparency and continuity, IQ BackOffice’s infrastructure, processes and technology have operated in the cloud for 18 years.

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IQ BackOffice built its first cloud-based financial process automation tools in 2002 and has continued to enhance the functionality of its platforms over time. Cloud-based phone systems, messaging, video conferencing and collaboration software that tracks employees’ tasks are other business continuity practices that were implemented long before the pandemic.

In addition to continuity processes already in place, IQ BackOffice quickly moved to a remote working environment at the onset of the pandemic and provided every employee throughout the three global offices with computers and resources to access WiFi. These tools allowed IQ BackOffice to provide its services to clients globally from employees’ homes as the pandemic hit in March, 2020.

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David Schnitt, President & CEO of IQ BackOffice noted, “We are grateful to the resourcefulness of our managers and employees that enabled us to transition to work from home literally within a few days. We didn’t miss a beat in continuing to serve our clients. I have personally spoken to many clients that struggled during the early months of the pandemic and we’re grateful that they did not need to worry about their financial processes during that time. Our robust platforms and continuity planning paid off for our clients during this difficult period.”