Thales Reveals S3NS in partnership with Google Cloud and Announces its offer in a first step towards the French Trusted Cloud label

Thales Reveals S3NS in partnership with Google Cloud and Announces its offer in a first step towards the French Trusted Cloud label-01
  • Thales announced today the creation of S3NS, a company based in Paris and fully controlled by the Group. The president of S3NS is Walter Cappilati and its general director, Cyprien Falque. The creation of S3NS follows the conclusion of a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, announced in early October 2021.
  • S3NS’ mission is to help public and private organizations in France benefit from the power of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), protecting their confidential data in accordance with the criteria of the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI).
  • Starting today, S3NS commercializes “Local Controls with S3NS”, a solution that complements Google Cloud Platform’s high security and performance standard specifications with the guarantee of localized data and support, as well as additional security, including access to data controlled by encryption and operated by S3NS. This offer allows organizations to already start migrating to the French “Trusted Cloud”.
  • S3NS currently has dozens of employees and is accelerating its effort to recruit talent in order to achieve the company’s goals. S3NS is already working with software integrators and partnerships to provide its customers with a wide range of services and solutions.

Thales today announced the creation of S3NS, a French company designed to offer public and private organizations in France the power of Google Cloud, fully compliant with the “ Trusted Cloud” from France, in partnership with Google Cloud.

The new company, majority owned and controlled by Thales, is under French law and follows the October 2021 partnership announcement between Thales and Google Cloud to jointly develop a local “Trusted Cloud” offering. Thales and Google Cloud are committed to helping companies and public institutions innovate and accelerate their digital transformation in ways that deliver autonomy, compliance sovereignty, and the greatest possible benefits to their customers and users.

French label of “Trusted Cloud”

From the second half of 2024, S3NS will offer its “Trusted Cloud” offering, which will combine Google Cloud technology’s full performance, services and applications while allowing protection against foreign extraterritorial laws and in accordance with the requirements of the “Cloud Reliable” by the French Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI) in the context of the French State’s strategy. S3NS will directly operate three data centers to ensure the location of data and workload in France. Both data center availability and engineering assistance will be available this year and recruitment of engineers who will operate the “Trusted Cloud” will begin shortly.

A first milestone with an offer already available

S3NS’s first offering is “Local Control with S3NS”, which will provide Google Cloud customers in France with continuous high performance public cloud, with additional capabilities to localize customer data in France or Europe as needed or wanted. Customers will be able to restrict data access for administrative services and technical support to European Union locations only. Cryptographic control of data access can be achieved with S3NS’s external cryptographic key management. This first offering brings compliance with additional automation to simplify operations, plus extra auditing and transparency to increase customer confidence in cloud operations.

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Partnerships already signed

To better support customers in this transition to the “Trusted Cloud”, S3NS is entering into specific partnership agreements with various players in France’s growing digital ecosystem. Partnerships will be able to support S3NS customers in their cloud strategy and digital sovereignty as they securely migrate and operate their workloads and applications with the help of S3NS and other managed services.

“The S3NS offering is the best of both worlds: the agility and wide range of services of a cloud hyperscaler combined with the security and data protection of a cybersecurity leader. This stage marks the beginning of a technological and industrial adventure that will involve all French economic actors linked to a reliable solution. As a leader in critical information systems, Thales is once again demonstrating its ability to be a driving force in disruptive technologies,” explained Marc Darmon, Executive Vice President, Secure Communications and Information Systems at Thales.

“The creation of S3NS, progress in defining our ‘Trusted Cloud’ offering and the availability of our ‘Local Controls with S3NS’ are the result of many months of cooperation between Thales and the Google Cloud teams. This is the first step and the first milestone this year, ahead of our future solution according to the French ‘Trusted Cloud’ criteria, which we are working on in parallel. Our goal is to be the first company to make such an offering available for certification and based on hyperscale cloud technology. ‘Local Controls with S3NS’ allows our customers to start their journey to the trusted cloud,” said Cyprien Falque, Managing Director of S3NS.

“We are very proud to support our partnership with Thales and their subsidiary S3NS, as well as their first offering in the French market. This cooperation between our teams reflects, on the one hand, an understanding of expectations regarding digital sovereignty and, on the other hand, a real technological trajectory. We confirm the commitments made together in 2021 and will continue to support the digital transformation with offerings that combine security and sovereignty without compromising on performance,” commented Thomas Kurian, Executive Director at Google Cloud.

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