IronCore Labs Launches Customer Managed Keys for Amazon S3 Free Trial in AWS Marketplace

IronCore Labs Launches Customer Managed Keys for Amazon S3 Free Trial in AWS Marketplace

In response to mounting pressure from Schrems II, CCPA, GDPR and threats like the SolarWinds hack, SaaS companies are turning to SaaS Shield CMK for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), an advanced data privacy solution from IronCore Labs. The newly launched SaaS Shield CMK for Amazon S3 is a simplified way to add customer managed keys to SaaS applications to protect customers’ files stored in Amazon S3 on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“We’ve seen companies like Salesforce and Box grow exponentially thanks to their custom-built, premium data privacy features,” said Patrick Walsh, CEO of IronCore Labs. “SaaS Shield CMK for Amazon S3 is the market-ready solution you don’t have to spend years building or millions to launch. It deploys transparently, is something you can charge a premium for, and we offer a free trial plus one free tenant for life.”

Customer managed keys, sometimes referred to as bring your own keys (BYOK), is a cloud architecture that gives customers ownership of the encryption keys that protect some or all of their data stored in SaaS applications. It is per-tenant encryption where customers can independently monitor usage of their data and revoke all access to it if desired.

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“There’s no greater return right now for SaaS companies than to give their customers enhanced privacy and data controls. With SaaS Shield CMK for Amazon S3, there’s almost no barrier to adding the feature, differentiating against competitors, and creating a new stream of revenue from new and existing customers,” Walsh said. “SaaS customers need and want control of their data in the cloud and SaaS vendors can now offer it. It’s a win for everyone.”

Within the SaaS Shield product line, IronCore Labs also offers the SaaS Shield CMK Kit, which allows developers to build CMK into their software to handle any data, regardless of where it is stored. The SaaS Shield CMK for Amazon S3 complements the CMK Kit by allowing SaaS companies to add support for Amazon S3 file protection without code changes. SaaS Shield for Amazon S3 can be installed with a simple Amazon CloudFormation template.

SaaS companies looking for more information about SaaS Shield CMK for Amazon S3, including pricing and a free trial, are encouraged to visit the IronCore Labs website or AWS Marketplace.