IronNet Collaborates With AWS Marketplace to Provide Complimentary Access to IronRadar Technology


IronNet, Inc. (NYSE: IRNT), an innovative leader in Transforming Cybersecurity Through Collective DefenseSM, today announced the launch of IronRadarSM, a new solution designed to proactively and automatically update customer cybersecurity tools to be able to detect and block malicious indicators of adversary infrastructure as they are being set up. Security teams can now gain access to IronRadar through a free trial being offered on AWS Marketplace.

Developed by IronNet’s team of elite threat hunters, IronRadar scours the internet fingerprinting servers to determine whether they are command and control (“C2”) infrastructure while being stood up, even before a cyber attack, such as ransomware, is initiated. Demonstrating 98% accuracy over a six-month testing period, IronRadar further enriches the data by creating purpose-built intelligence updates for proactively blocking adversarial infrastructure.

IronRadar threat detection and response is built from the ground up to be easy to deploy; accordingly, security teams can integrate IronRadar into existing tools, including SIEM/SOAR, TIP, EDRs, and firewalls, to increase effectiveness and defense. Once set up, IronRadar is regularly updated and automatically fed into a customer’s security landscape to proactively block threats, enabling faster response and realizing value without the need for sophisticated tools or large teams.

IronRadar is now available as an annual subscription sold directly from the Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) Marketplace. There is also a Free Trial option available through Marketplace to gain access to the APIs for a limited time.

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IronRadar integrates seamlessly with the IronNet Collective DefenseSM platform, powered by AWS, which is the only solution that can identify anomalous behaviors and deliver anonymized, actionable attack intelligence to all the other participants in the IronNet community. The Collective Defense platform serves as an early warning system for all participating companies and organizations, strengthening network security through correlated alerts, automated triage, and extended hunt support.

Members of the IronNet executive leadership team will be in Las Vegas during AWS reInvent 2022 to provide customized threat intelligence briefings and demonstrate how IronRadar builds further on IronNet’s comprehensive security offerings. Now open for registration at this link, briefings may include:

  • key threats emerging due to current world events (Russia, China, Iran);
  • attacks, novel threats, and indicators we see today;
  • malicious infrastructure that should be immediately blocked; and
  • use of collective defense to improve cybersecurity.

Briefing participants will walk away with actionable and timely attack intelligence and ideas on how to improve the productivity of their team and their organization’s defense against sophisticated and nation-state cyber attacks.

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