IT By Design Partners With Vijilan Security To Create Secure Network Operations Centers For Global MSP Client Base

IT By Design Partners With Vijilan Security To Create Secure Network Operations Centers For Global MSP Client Base-01

IT By Design (ITBD), a Master Managed Services Provider (MMSP), announced today that it has entered into a mutual partnership with Vijilan Security, a premium cybersecurity monitoring company, to create a unified Managed Extended Detection and Response offering, branded as mXDR. This marks Vijilan’s first-ever MSP/Network Operations Center (NOC) alliance.

ITBD, the nation’s largest privately held MMSP, known for its global operations of 24×7 NOC services and dedicated engineers, enters its agreement with Vijilan to provide an MSP-focused, cost-effective Security Operations Center (SOC) and NOC operations services. This strategic partnership allows MSPs to receive a turnkey solution to not only detect, analyze, and investigate cyber-attacks, but also respond through threat containment and eradication.

Vijilan has developed an advanced cloud-based Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) infrastructure that ingests logs from a multitude of technologies whether on-premises, cloud-based applications, and Endpoints. Vijilan consolidates, correlates, and investigates security incidents through its U.S.-based SOC and engages MSPs to act. Through this partnership and new service offering, Vijilan’s Incident Response Team will engage ITBD engineers to validate, contain, eradicate, and remediate its findings.

Historically, businesses would have both SOC and NOC services under independent agreements. Traditionally, MSPs would have to go through a timeworn process, hard-to-track tickets, emails, approvals, calls, and change management. As the threat landscape continues to evolve, extended technologies require modern management of centralized workflow and approval process.

ITBD and Vijilan have bundled their respective services and established a competitive solution offering that will prove extremely attractive to MSPs and their customers. ITBD will provide all network maintenance while Vijilan conducts the security monitoring. With the ITBD and Vijilan team, all phases of an infrastructure’s security are now covered with an affordable and unified managed detection and response.

“ITBD’s expertise is in infrastructure, so this partnership with Vijilan now allows us to provide our clientele with expertise in security as well,” said Javid Khan, Chief Technology Officer, ITBD. “This is an opportunity to highlight each other’s strengths and provide MSPs with a long-sought-after offering. Vijilan has a great reputation in the security space and being their partner of choice is a real testament to our organization’s standing in the managed services community.”

“We are living in a world where digital information is being generated at an immense volume. The mastery of collecting and analyzing the scale of streams of data ― which is coming from so many different data points at great velocity ― is a science. Combining this information with the information most organizations don’t know they have, and alerting them on misuse, is an art. Vijilan has built some of the greatest security products in the market today and has overcome some of the ever-evolving challenges that MSPs and MSSPs face.  In partnership with IT By Design, Vijilan is going to protect the MSPs and their customers against cyber threats through continuous monitoring, threat mitigation, and containment,” said Kevin Nejad, CEO Vijilan.