Three Key Elements of a Successful Cyber Intelligence Strategy

Three Key Elements of a Successful Cyber Intelligence Strategy

Although there have been several positive improvements in workplace practices over the last year, such as an increase in remote work policies and other flexible work arrangements, one of the most significant drawbacks has been an increase in hacks, ransomware attacks, and other cybersecurity issues, which have impacted businesses of all sizes.

There are several reasons for the rise in cyber-attacks, but one of the most important is the inaccessibility of the IT teams. Employees are now attempting to resolve security issues and maintain their work equipment on their own. Hackers will be able to take advantage of cybersecurity flaws as a result of this. Businesses can minimize the damage to their operations by putting in place the right cyber intelligence plan and implementing it properly.

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Here are three pillars CISOs can use to establish an effective cyber intelligence strategy

Engagement of employees and partners

This is when the real work begins. Cyber Threat Intelligence is the data that businesses collect about cybersecurity threats, attempts, and successful attacks in order to increase their situational awareness and respond to a variety of threats such as ransomware, espionage, malware, insider exploits, cybercrime, and other emerging threats.

Phishing emails and phony customer service calls are examples of this. The most important thing here is to make sure that everybody with any level of access to the company’s computer systems is well-versed in documenting, detecting, escalating, and mitigating cybersecurity threats. This can be accomplished by providing employees with training and tests, as well as a complete manual outlining what to do in every given case. Businesses should undertake rigorous cybersecurity due diligence on vendors and other entities to ensure that they have proper defenses in place to avoid attacks that could damage the systems.

Data collection and analysis

A seemingly innocuous aberration can often be the forerunner to a large-scale attack, which could result in the company being abducted for ransom. It might even be something as simple as an employee checking and then deleting a suspicious email and attachment. To ensure that organizations cover all bases, their employee manuals and training should require them to report any anomalies they see, providing them a complete picture of the situation and allowing them to take the appropriate corrective action.

Apart from receiving information from the employees, it’s also critical to tap into other sources of data, such as government and private-sector cybersecurity databases. When choosing a cybersecurity vendor, companies should conduct their research. Ascertain that the vendor can assist organizations in recovering from any damages, such as those caused by a ransomware attack. As previously stated cybercriminals have become increasingly adept at concealing their identities and stolen assets.

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Collaborate with other participants in the business

Most sectors of the business now have industries where the officers in charge of their companies’ cybersecurity communicate and share knowledge and strategies to minimize common risks. Being an active member in these forums is critical because it effectively multiplies a company’s chances of preempting a threat or attack pattern before it strikes. When battling a threat, cybersecurity specialists who share strategies will be able to draw on a communal knowledge pool as needed, increasing their chances of success.

Businesses should consider leading the charge to create one if they are in an industry or location where there aren’t any active cyber intelligence exchange forums. Engage with representatives from other companies and agree on parameters for information sharing that will benefit everyone without jeopardizing private information. The benefits to all participants will make the effort worthwhile.

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