Ivanti Patch Management Technology Enhances the XM Cyber Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) Platform

Ivanti Patch Management Technology

Ivanti remediation capabilities extend XM Cyber’s exposure detection and prioritization technologies

XM Cyber, the multi-award-winning leader in breach and attack simulation (BAS) advanced cyber risk analytics and cloud security posture management, and Ivanti, the company that automates IT and Security Operations to discover, manage, secure and service from cloud to edge, announce the integration of Ivanti patch management technology with the XM Cyber BAS platform.

The enhanced solution is a result of XM Cyber’s partnership with Ivanti in which it has leveraged the Ivanti® Security Controls Advanced SDK for Ivanti OEM partners to add Ivanti patch management technology to its BAS Platform. This addition gives customers smarter vulnerability management with detailed superseding vulnerability information on operating systems and third-party applications. It also delivers prioritized potential attack vectors that might result from a compromised system.

“Ivanti’s expanded partnership with XM Cyber further underscores our mission to deliver the adaptive security that enables a cyber-resilient enterprise,” said Mark Stevens, vice president of strategic alliances and OEM, Ivanti. “Together, Ivanti and XM Cyber are empowering users with the advanced, automated application patching technology needed to more rapidly discover, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities at the endpoint.”

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The Ivanti and XM Cyber partnership automates and simplifies the process it takes to identify vulnerabilities, prioritize them based on the top potential attack vectors and remediate them accordingly. As a result, customers will be able to quickly detect vulnerabilities, from endpoint to data center to cloud, and automatically deploy expertly pre-tested patches across hundreds of third-party applications. Microsoft patch coverage includes both security and non-security content for all supported products, operating systems, and applications, including Microsoft Office. Ivanti provides the industry-leading patch scanning engine and patch catalog, currently securing over 180 million endpoints globally.

XM Cyber acts as a pre attack virtual hacker showing all possible attack paths supporting the investigative process initiated by a customer once a breach is detected. Once all vulnerabilities are discovered with the Ivanti assessment scanning engine, the XM Cyber Platform explores and identifies the potential attack impact. By identifying critical assets, the platform assists customers in understanding the overall risk and exactly what steps are required for remediation.

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“By using attack simulation in conjunction with vulnerability scanning, XM Cyber delivers the next generation in vulnerability management,” said Noam Erez, CEO and co-founder of XM Cyber. “Now security and network operation teams can work together, relying on additional context to evaluate the criticality of each vulnerability to prioritize and manage updates and patching. The benefit to customers is a continuous approach to vulnerability management that reduces risk while also reducing man hours and improving processes between security and operations.”

Ivanti Patch Management technology for OEM partners, marketed as Ivanti® Security Controls Advanced SDK, is provided to partners through a series of SDKs that allow rapid integration of a complete patch management workflow into existing security solutions. These SDKs cover the patch management lifecycle from endpoint assessment to patch packaging to patch deployment. This allows partners to deliver a full application security solution with patch content that covers Windows OS, MacOS and Linux variants as well as thousands of third-party applications. Whether a partner’s solution is supporting customers in the cloud, on-premise or in the datacenter, Ivanti Security Controls SDKs allow OEM partners to deliver world class agent-based and agentless patching across completely heterogenous environments.