JetBlue Selects ASAPP Artificial Intelligence Platform for Customer Experience Transformation

JetBlue Selects ASAPP Artificial Intelligence

JetBlue and ASAPP, Inc., the artificial intelligence research-driven company, today announced that JetBlue will use the ASAPP AI platform to amplify productivity and efficiency of JetBlue crewmembers that operate the digital and telephone channels for their customers.

“As part of our ongoing mission to inspire humanity, we were determined to find an artificial intelligence platform that would allow us to transform the JetBlue customer support experience by supporting and amplifying the efforts of our dedicated crewmembers,” said Ian Deason, head of customer experience at JetBlue.
“JetBlue has been focused on making smart, strategic choices to invest in our crewmembers’ technology tools. We expect our partnership with ASAPP, a company recognized as one of the leading artificial intelligence companies, to help us continue to deliver our award-winning service to all our customers,” added Deason.

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“JetBlue has a stellar reputation for customer experience. We are delighted they have selected ASAPP as the technology foundation of their customer experience transformation,” said ASAPP Founder and CEO Gustavo Sapoznik
“ASAPP takes a different approach to customer experience, one that enables a powerful collaboration between people and artificial intelligence software. By helping employees radically increase their productivity, businesses can achieve massive savings, create more sustainable jobs, and delight consumers as they connect with them on the channels they prefer.”

JetBlue has begun service with asynchronous digital messaging using Apple Business Chat and soon to launch Google Business Messenger, allowing both iPhone and Android users to communicate with JetBlue customer support—just as they would texting a friend. JetBlue will also use ASAPP’s proprietary real-time voice transcription and analytics designed exclusively for contact centers, providing crewmembers with the best suggested responses and actions based on machine-learning while automating micro-processes and routine tasks. Additionally, JetBlue will be able to predict customer sentiment from 100% of customer conversations and apply real-time trend and anomaly detection to identify issues to quickly address them.

ASAPP platform
The ASAPP AI platform provides deep algorithmic capabilities to allow enterprises to bring all its data together to transform how they service their customers  for the era of artificial intelligence.  
The AI-Native platform captures the entire customer experience through speech recognition, natural language processing and machine learning to inform automation success and provide contact center agents the bespoke actions and words to take for radically improved success with customers, ramping productivity and delighting customers.

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