Kasm Technologies Collaborates with Agile Directive to Provide Digital Workspace Solution

Kasm Technologies Collaborates with Agile Directive to Provide Digital Workspace Solution

Kasm Technologies has announced a partnership with Agile Directive, a change leader in the digital transformation landscape, to provide on-demand virtual desktops, secure remote access, and browser isolation technology for secure digital workspaces.

The Agile Directive solution is powered by Kasm Workspaces and provides a streamlined workflow and simplified approach for users to connect to their corporate resources securely, directly from their web browser. This approach reduces unnecessary complexity and prioritizes security, compliance, and an exceptional user experience.

“At Kasm, we are passionate about the future of work. By combining our cutting-edge technology with Agile Directive’s expertise, we are breaking down barriers and enabling organizations to embrace a new era of productivity and innovation, “stated Jaymes Davis, Chief Product Officer at Kasm.

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The Kasm Remote Workspaces technology provides industry-leading desktop/application-on-demand capabilities and zero-trust secure remote access capabilities used by Agile Directive for enabling employees to work remotely in compliance with corporate policy and without the risk of data compromises.

“Kasm Workspaces provides a new generation of remote desktops that increases security while proving a great user experience.” Stated John Papazian, Managing Principal at Agile Directive, “We believe that this is the immersion of a new way to work. We are looking forward to the journey ahead with Kasm Technologies.”

The combined offering is focused on empowering organizations to navigate a digital transformation to web-native and devops-enabled technologies with confidence. This allows business leaders to embrace the productivity benefits of digital workspaces while still maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.

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