KELA Revolutionizes Cyber Intelligence with Two Cutting-edge Modules, Threat Actors and Identity Guard, Elevating and Simplifying Proactive Threat Defense


KELA, the leading provider of real, actionable threat intelligence, is announcing the launch of two groundbreaking modules – Threat Actors and Identity Guard. These additions reflect the company’s ongoing dedication to refining its comprehensive cyber intelligence platform. The innovative modules not only strengthen KELA’s commitment to delivering timely and actionable threat intelligence but also empower organizations of all sizes, contributing to a more robust and adaptable security posture. The modules are designed to enhance the accessibility of threat intelligence, delivering timely and actionable insights to effectively counter cyber threats facing your organization.

For an in-depth understanding of the new modules, KELA invites you to join a live product tour on Tuesday, December 5th at 10 AM EDT / 4 PM BST. During this short 30-minute session, KELA’s product experts will guide you through the features and capabilities of both Threat Actors and Identity Guard modules.

Commenting on the launch, Raveed Laeb, VP of Product at KELA, underscores the company’s dedication to delivering exceptional value to users and advancing proactive security measures. “In a landscape flooded with data, the critical challenge for defenders is distilling actionable insights. KELA addresses this challenge head-on. Our revolutionary Threat Actors module consolidates exhaustive information about threat actors from myriad web sources into a single, comprehensive hub. It’s a complete investigation at your fingertips, inclusive of links to related actors, simplifying the process for our customers. The Identity Guard module, on the other hand, is tailored to fortify the digital ecosystem and attack surface while enhancing account security across cloud service providers. Whether a large corporation or an emerging startup, this intuitive module empowers organizations of all sizes to proactively and seamlessly monitor digital assets, identify compromised accounts, and take prompt action.”

KELA’s innovative Threat Actors module equips organizations to discover, analyze, and fortify their defenses with unparalleled insights into cyber threat actors. Delving into motivations, fields of activity, geographies, handles, contact details, and more, this module consolidates online personas, offering a unified view that goes beyond standard data analysis. The interactive and user-friendly interface ensures swift navigation and access to each profile. In critical situations or when an in-depth profile analysis becomes challenging, the module offers a concise threat actor summary. This summary is expertly crafted by our intelligence analysts or swiftly generated by KELA AI within seconds, providing timely insights to enhance decision-making and response efforts. Those familiar with daily data analysis will quickly see the value in this capability.

Facilitating proactive and effective cyber defense strategies against nation-state attacks, hacktivists, and other malicious actors targeting nations and organizations, this module serves as a valuable intelligence asset for security teams.

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Identity Guard, another cutting-edge module today launched by KELA, provides proactive protection against compromised accounts. This module is meticulously designed to safeguard your digital ecosystem, fortify your attack surface, and enhance the security of your company’s accounts across various cloud service providers with specialized SaaS protection. Whether operating as a multinational corporation or a small startup, KELA’s solution empowers organizations to automatically and proactively monitor their digital assets, swiftly detect compromised accounts, and take immediate action.

The dynamic integration of the two new modules seamlessly complements the platform’s existing modules, creating an unparalleled intelligence ecosystem for companies, law enforcement agencies, and government organizations worldwide. This synergy empowers them to effortlessly and swiftly uncover previously concealed risks, enabling proactive measures to counter threats with 100% real, actionable intelligence.

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