Kemp improves the availability and performance of Scality object storage


Kemp , the provider of persistent application experiences (AX), today announced a  technology partnership with Scality, the leader in software solutions for distributed storage of files and objects. By combining Kemp’s industry-leading LoadMaster load balancer and the Scality RING solution, customers will experience increased security, availability and optimization for their cloud storage and non-data management needs. structured.

As businesses embrace the cloud-first strategy to be more agile, they also need easily manageable cloud storage that ensures smooth delivery of application content. Scality RING is a scalable object storage solution that delivers software-defined storage at the petabyte scale, designed to support cloud-native mobile applications, edge cloud portals, and SaaS offerings.

Our partnership with Scality enables our mutual customers to create highly scalable storage environments to ensure the availability, security and compliance of critical application data. Deployed alongside the software-defined storage offered by Scality RING, Kemp load balancers simplify SLA satisfaction, minimize downtime and maximize scalability, ”said  Jason Dover, VP of Product Strategy at Kemp.

Continuous application experience for Scality RING resources

Deployed ahead of Scality RING, Kemp’s LoadMaster offers a key connection point and load balancing functions for applications and users. It intelligently distributes traffic between nodes to ensure efficient use of RING resources. Additionally, with advanced health monitoring, if a node goes offline due to maintenance or failure, Kemp intelligently redistributes traffic, enabling an ongoing application experience.

“The implementation of Kemp and its integration into the Scality platform posed no problem. The overall functionality and features offered by Kemp load balancers work very well, and we are looking to expand the service offering through the platform, ”  said Kevin Koelmeyer, CTO and Managed Services Manager at Somerville.

Kemp LoadMaster offers Scality RING customers: 

High availability  – LoadMaster provides uninterrupted access to data stored on Scality RING. Thanks to advanced application health monitoring functions, Scality nodes are healthy and ready to accept connections.

Site resiliency  – Global Server Load Balancing (GEO) intelligently distributes traffic based on proximity, reducing latency and delivering better performance. In the event of a complete site failure, LoadMaster directs all traffic to a functioning data center.

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Improved Performance  – SSL / TLS offload increases performance by shutting down secure connections to Kemp’s LoadMaster and returning traffic to Scality unencrypted. This configuration eliminates the encryption processing on the Scality nodes by forwarding it to Kemp’s LoadMaster, which is optimized to handle this traffic.

Quality of Service  – LoadMaster provides Quality of Service (QoS) checks to limit the throughput of connections to Scality RING, allowing full control over the fair and balanced distribution of services for applications and users.

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