Kount, An Equifax Company, Announces New Dispute And Chargeback Management Solution, Integrating Major Card Brand Offerings In One Dashboard

Kount_ An Equifax Company_ Announces New Dispute and Chargeback Management Solution_ Integrating Major Card Brand Offerings in One Dashboard

Kount, an Equifax company, and a leader in digital identity trust and fraud prevention, today announced the Kount Dispute and Chargeback Management Solution, a comprehensive, post-authorization solution that integrates major card brand dispute and alert systems with industry-leading AI-driven fraud prevention.

The Kount Dispute and Chargeback Management solution prevents chargebacks and revenue losses in a single, easy-to-use solution and dashboard. This enables businesses to save time and money on lengthy and expensive chargeback processes, easily refund purchases, and help to prevent inventory loss.

The Kount Dispute and Chargeback Management Solution addresses a crucial need for businesses engaged in e-commerce: identifying, intercepting and deflecting disputes post-authorization and pre-chargeback, in real time.

By utilizing data from issuing banks, the Dispute and Chargeback Management Solution can help consumers recognize transactions or receive a refund without further pursuing a costly chargeback.

The solution comes at a key time, as the pandemic-fueled acceleration of digital interactions spurred consumers to engage with more, new-to-them e-commerce merchants. That increase in transactions increases the risk of chargebacks from fraud, friendly fraud, and legitimate disputes.

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Businesses using the Kount Dispute and Chargeback Management Solution gain these benefits:

  • Improve the customer experience: Shoppers can gain better insight into orders and preserve the relationship with the company
  • Consolidate chargeback management systems: Businesses can manage, act on, and resolve alerts from multiple sources in one place, as they occur.
  • Reduce chargebacks immediately: Kount’s integrations help businesses deflect chargebacks and disputes as soon as customers initiate them.
  • Streamline the refund process: Pre-built web hooks match transactions with alerts, so businesses can refund purchases automatically.
  • Inform future fraud preventionCustomers can proactively use chargeback and dispute data to adjust policies within their antifraud solution, blocking policy abusers before the next transaction.
  • Save money: Save sales and resolve disputes before they become chargebacks by collaborating with issuing banks.

“The Kount Dispute and Chargeback Management Solution is a game changer for businesses engaged in e-commerce. Combined with Kount’s AI and Identity Trust Global Network, businesses have unprecedented access to true end-to-end chargeback prevention.

This allows businesses to accept more orders with confidence, while elevating the customer experience and protecting their company from fraud, including friendly fraud,” said Brad Wiskirchen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Kount, an Equifax company.

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