BONAFiDEE Launch New ‘Liveness Test’ Strengthening Its Already Highly Secure, Anti-fraud, Visual Biometric Verification Check

BONAFiDEE Launch New ‘Liveness Test’ Strengthening Its Already Highly Secure_ Anti-fraud_ Visual Biometric Verification Check-01

BONAFiDEE, the award winning reg-tech company based in Tunbridge Wells are proud to announce the launch of its new ‘liveness test’ strengthening its already highly secure, anti-fraud, Visual Biometric Verification check.

Driven by its goal to remain one step ahead of online fraudsters, BONAFiDEE recognises that Deepfake technology is an ever-growing threat to organisations.

AI-generated fake videos are becoming increasingly common and convincing. As this technology is advancing at pace, organisations need to devise and incorporate countermeasures into their systems, particularly those that are vulnerable to financial crime.

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BONAFiDEE’s new, innovative feature celebrates the benefits of accelerating customer due diligence checks, reducing customer abandonment and mitigating fraud with real time notifications and liveness detection. The result is an effective and intuitive liveness test that combats the deepfake spoofing vulnerability.

BONAFiDEE’s existing Visual Biometric Check enables organisations to compare a real time image with an ID document to verify the identity of an individual as part of its authentication process. As an additional step in this journey, an individual can now be invited to do a “liveness test” by recording a short video, quoting a unique phrase within a limited time period, crucially proving that the user is ‘present’. This process also means that no two liveness tests are the same making preparation to pass the test synthetically impossible. The service can be seamlessly integrated into existing user journeys creating a positive user experience in a single digital engagement, removing the need to undertake additional verification checks.

Benefits to both organisations and customers include:

  • Next generation onboarding with Advanced KYC
  • Integrates in real-time with no deviation from your customer journey
  • No third-party verification delays
  • Reduced abandonment
  • Ensure users are ‘present’ by requesting a unique phrase during video capture

BONAFiDEE founder, Francis Lang, said “We believe that with the launch of our innovative “liveness test”, we have been successful in creating a solution that protects both organisations and their customers against the emerging deepfake fraud vulnerability. It strengthens BONAFiDEE’s already robust identification process, bringing your customer one step closer”.

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