L7 Defense’s Ammune™ API Security Solution Was Selected To Protect The API systems Of A Leading US Tier-1 Telco

L7 Defense's Ammune™ API Security Solution Was Selected to Protect the API systems of a leading US Tier-1 Telco

L7 Defense LTD., a pioneering developer of AI-based cybersecurity solutions, announced today that its Ammune™ APIs protection platform has been successfully deployed at a Tier-1 US telco to actively protect its APIs and Applications.

As the main communication means between systems, users, and applications today, APIs are major drivers of the digital transformation and are the facilitating engine behind the accelerating agility, flexibility, and interconnection evolution required to sustain it.

This also makes APIs attractive and vulnerable targets for cyberattacks. Ammune’s unique, unsupervised learning technology identifies and eliminates cyber attacks aimed at APIs in real-time, preventing its abuse and threats that can have a severe operational impact, as well as data and revenue loss, which are followed by significant reputation damages.

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The telco was under constant malicious attacks by global hackers trying to exploit security flaws and weaknesses to take financial advantage or to disrupt services. In spite of multiple layers of security already implemented, such as WAF, BOT, and DDoS security solutions from third parties, threat actors were able to bypass these protection layers on a daily basis.

They exploited API-level vulnerabilities, with no appropriate response from the operations teams”, explained Doron Chema, L7 Defense’s CEO. “L7 Defense was selected due Ammune’s capabilities to close the security gap after an extensive evaluation period at the telco production environment where it demonstrated its ability to provide real-time, in-line protection of APIs and Applications. 

We are expecting to close more telco deals in the near future as 5G and digital transformation are driving Telco companies to adapt innovative, AI-based defense solutions, such as our Ammune™, which present high operational and technological standards, as well as ease of use and maximum automation, starting from day one.”

The reliability and consistency of the Ammune™ AI technology and solution were demonstrated over an extensive period of time thanks to its ability to identify malicious traffic and blocking it in real time, while keeping normal traffic safe and untouched (“close to zero” false positive).

Since it was deployed at the telco on premise data centers, integrity and cooperation were also tested along traditional IT layers and showed to be effective.

As a next-generation AI technology, Ammune™ was operating in a full autonomous mode all the time, without any need to maintain its rules or configure APIs security policies, demonstrating an attractive total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as significant cyber risk reduction of operating APIs and Application as a whole. Ammune™, which performs equally at cloud environment, is therefore ideally positioned to support the next stage of telcos shifting operation to the cloud (“Digital transformation”), which is a major need of telcos in the 5G arena.

L7 Defense’s Ammune™ solution is now commercially deployed as part of the following the signing of a multi-year agreement.

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