Lakeside Software Unveils AI-Powered SysTrack Intelligence Package for Precise IT Issue Prediction and Resolution


Lakeside Software has announced the SysTrack Intelligence Package to combat expensive, disruptive IT challenges, with users benefitting from fewer disruptive events, fewer tickets, lower mean time to resolution, and less productivity lost.

The new SysTrack Intelligence Package empowers organizations with proactive and predictive IT capabilities. The proprietary AI engine not only identifies issues before an influx in help desk tickets but also recognizes the precursors to predict issues before they occur.

Lakeside leads the market in data and proactive IT collection information from 10,000 data points every 15 seconds. Its patented data collection and storage enables the SysTrack platform to aggregate, organize, and analyze vastly more endpoint and telemetry data than anyone in the world. With the release of the SysTrack Intelligence Package, gleaning relevant insights from this data has never been easier.

“Using the Lakeside SysTrack platform, organizations can collect massive amounts of trustworthy, relevant data from their endpoints, virtual desktops, and virtual applications, giving IT a complete visibility of endpoint performance and IT health across the digital workplace,” said Gabe Knuth, a senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group in a recent white paper. “This data can be used to fuel AI that has been trained on IT data, ultimately resulting in a model that is not only IT-aware, but also attuned to an individual customer’s specific usage patterns and needs.”

Key features include:

  • Predict the future before it happens: Lakeside collects 10,000 data points every 15 seconds and now applies advanced AI algorithms to this data to identify what is normal or irregular for any system. With AI-enabled anomaly detection, customers can identify the root cause of problems before the full impact is realized.

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  • Ask a real question, get a real answer: Instead of traditional manual troubleshooting, Lakeside allows anyone on an IT team to search real-time and historic endpoint data with a simple question and get easy-to-understand results. Plus, for the most critical issues, organizations can address war-room situations with natural language queries that quickly and easily pull real-time, actionable insights from their endpoints.
  • Fix the right things faster: Organizations can now access generative AI and SysTrack data together with a virtual assistant that’s by the help desk’s side all day. It identifies challenges and then provides guidance on how to overcome those challenges, to the specific needs of an environment.

“At Lakeside Software, we understand the critical role that AI plays in transforming IT and addressing the complex challenges faced by organizations today,” said Dave Keil, Lakeside CEO. “Our customers are looking to cut through the AI buzz and see real returns. Our SysTrack Intelligence Package does just that with purpose-built AI to proactively identify and prevent IT issues from spreading, ultimately saving valuable time, resources, and money for our customers.”

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