LIGA MX Adds “Fan ID” Incode Across Mexican Stadiums


Incode Technologies Inc., the next-generation identity verification and authentication platform for global enterprises, today announced that LIGA MX will implement Incode’s advanced identity verification technology, FAN ID, across all stadiums in Mexico. FAN ID will help ensure stadiums are safe spaces for fans and families and will create more connected, seamless experiences across the entire stadium.

The implementation of FAN ID for game-day access offers fans peace of mind, knowing that those who enter a facility have completed the identity verification process and are cleared to attend LIGA MX matches. This is especially important given the recent uptick in violence at major league sports events, specifically LIGA MX in March 2022.

“The arrival of FAN ID at all LIGA MX stadiums speaks to the great commitment we have to our fans in all venues, considerably improving their security and applying the highest standards in the care of personal data,” says Mikel Arriola, Executive President of LIGA MX. “This is a historic measure for soccer in Mexico.”

Incode’s fully automated, encrypted technology is based on artificial intelligence and offers high levels of trust, security, and data privacy. With Incode’s technology, LIGA MX will:

  • Onboard more than 5 million fans
  • Process 50,000 people per game
  • Authenticate a fan in less than five seconds
  • Implement Incode’s technology across 35 teams in more than 30 stadiums and at more than 400 games annually

“We feel honored to have been selected to implement FAN ID by Incode in Mexico since our identity verification process safeguards fans’ personal data and privacy,” said Ricardo Amper, Founder, and CEO of Incode. “Our encryption process covers information with the highest standards of security so that everyone can have a great experience even before entering the stadium.”

Pre-registration is also available and guests only need to register once to receive access to any match at any stadium. Incode’s solution provides safety to stadium attendees by identifying troublemakers and preventing them from attending future events.

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Incode’s integration with LIGA MX is just the beginning. This is an unparalleled moment in sports and fan experience, and the opportunities to technologically innovate to create modern experiences for sports fans are limitless.

In addition to FAN ID’s adoption in major league sports stadiums, Incode is pioneering a new era in biometric game-day experiences with Incode ID. Incode ID is changing the game across event venues globally, revolutionizing customer experiences while incorporating privacy by default. Incode’s unique approach embeds facial biometrics directly into the ticket itself and is the only solution that removes the need for human analysts to access the data while keeping personal information right on the edge device. Incode ties together transactions across a common purchasing mechanism – facial identity – enabling attendees to swiftly enter a stadium, purchase a favorite beverage, enter VIP areas, or gain loyalty points with a biometric profile linked to their credit card or identity.

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