Living Security Reveals New Brand Identity to Reflect Company’s Vision and Direction of Human Risk Management

Living Security Reveals New Brand Identity to Reflect Company's Vision and Direction of Human Risk Management-01

Living Security revealed this week a new brand identity and website to reflect the company’s evolution as leaders in Human Risk Management. This comes on the heels of several major developments including the launch of the company’s new, innovative Human Risk Management platform, Unify Insights, a solution that provides security leaders with the data and metrics to identify human behavior risks and trends inside their organizations, followed by targeted action plans to mitigate incidents.

“The security awareness and training industry is undergoing a major disruption and Living Security has been at the forefront of that since our inception, with the idea that the key to enterprise security is empowering the people inside organizations. Now, we’re taking it a bit further with the launch of Unify Insights. This vision and strategic direction is fully reflected across our products and now our brand, communicating the changes we’re making to help our clients reduce human risk inside their organizations with a combination of products to identify, report on and respond to risky behaviors and resolve them,” said Ashley Rose, CEO and co-founder of Living Security.

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Living Security announced its new brand identity this week at its annual conference which it also renamed this year from Breaking Security Awareness to the Human Risk Management Conference. This is the third year that the company has invited security leaders, industry practitioners, and thought leaders to gather and discuss some of the most important issues impacting cybersecurity. The company reported record interest this year with over 1400 registrants.

“This update to our look and feel represents our commitment to continued innovation and our role in supporting our clients’ improved security posture,” said Cassie Fulton Flores, the Vice President of Marketing at Living Security. “Through human risk management, and our full product suite, we are leaning into the disruption that is happening in the market and leading the way with a focus on quantifying human risk and transforming our clients’ workforces into a proactive defense.”

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