Lockin Company Announces Enhanced Mobile App Security Solution Updates

Lockin Company Announces Enhanced Mobile App Security Solution Updates

Lockin Company, a leading cybersecurity service provider, is proud to announce a significant improvement of their app security solution called LIAPP. With the upcoming launch of their upgraded app security solution, LIAPP, on June 30th, Lockin Company aims to revolutionize the way developers protect their mobile applications. The latest enhancements focus on enhancing user convenience and fortifying security measures, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for app developers and users alike.

LIAPP, a user-friendly no-code SaaS-based security service, empowers developers to apply robust security measures to their apps effortlessly. By simply uploading their completed applications, developers can secure their mobile apps without the need for additional coding. This innovative solution offers flexible subscription plans, including annual and monthly options, catering to users’ preferred duration and budgetary requirements. The accolades received at the esteemed “Cybersecurity Excellence Awards” in March, where LIAPP triumphed in three categories – “Application Security,” “Mobile Application Security,” and “Runtime Application Self-Protection,” – further validate its effectiveness and popularity among industry professionals.

The upgraded LIAPP introduces a clean and intuitive user interface, enabling app developers to implement security measures with ease. The app protection and threat detection options have been enhanced, allowing developers to customize the application’s security based on their specific operational requirements. Furthermore, the subscription payment process has been redesigned for improved usability, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. Recognizing the international user base, with over 40% of users coming from overseas, Lockin Company now offers support for English and Spanish languages, catering to global users and facilitating seamless adoption of LIAPP across different regions.

In response to the evolving landscape of hacking types and methods, LIAPP’s capabilities have been significantly enhanced. The solution now incorporates strengthened administrator privileges and virtual machine detection, optimizing post-security compatibility. Additionally, several security upgrades have been implemented, including support for two-factor authentication during login, providing an elevated level of protection against unauthorized access and potential threats.

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Myoung Kyu Choi, CEO of Lockin Company, expressed his enthusiasm for the upgraded LIAPP, stating, “As the demand for our services grows in regions like Latin America and Europe, we have focused on enhancing convenience and fortifying security features, including multilingual support. With these extensive upgrades, we anticipate attracting a broader global user base due to the strong capabilities of LIAPP.”

Since its establishment in 2013, the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation has resulted in widespread adoption of LIAPP in numerous countries, including South KoreaJapanIndiathe United StatesSingaporeThailandIndonesia, and Brazil. Recognized as a prominent application security provider by Gartner, Lockin Company’s LIAPP has also been designated as an “Excellent Information Security Technology Product” by the Ministry of Science and ICT in South Korea.

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