Manufacturing Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MFG-ISAC) Partners With MISI DreamPort

Manufacturing Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MFG-ISAC) Partners With MISI DreamPort to Advance the Security of the Manufacturing Sector-01

The Manufacturing Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MFG-ISAC) has partnered with MISI DreamPort to help defend U.S. manufacturers from malicious cyberactivity, and advance the offerings and capabilities of the MFG-ISAC as a hub for intelligence exchange, warning, and recovery.

“The work of MISI DreamPort and MFG-ISAC is well aligned to develop best practices and share information for security advancement in the sector,” said Mark Orsi, CEO and President of MFG-ISAC parent company Global Resilience Federation. “Manufacturers, both large and small, need support to help them mature their cybersecurity for IT, IoT, and ICS systems. Our partnership brings a breadth and depth of support to manufacturing that does not exist elsewhere, and builds cyber resilience into the supply chain across many industries.”

DreamPort is an innovation center designed to accelerate the technology and cyber mission of stakeholders that include the Department of Defense, the industrial base, and industry at large. The DreamPort mission is to discover new capabilities that solve stakeholder gaps in cybersecurity and related technologies through rapid prototyping, performance viability, and integration of technologies. The organization also operates MindScape, another mission innovation, and technology accelerator that houses more sensitive innovation efforts for the intelligence community and other customers.

“As tensions mount with great powers around the world we need to be sure that U.S. manufacturing companies and their OT systems are aware of and prepared for the threats they face today and may well encounter in the future,” said Armando Seay, co-founder and CISO at MISI DreamPort. “We’re pleased to be working with MFG-ISAC and its members to help ensure that reality.”

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Through a collaboration portal for vetted security practitioners, MFG-ISAC member companies exchange threat data from phishing attacks, malware signatures, IoT vulnerabilities, risks to Operational Technology, or other hazards. Additionally, MFG-ISAC staff pull relevant alerts from government, private security vendors, and open sources to send to the community, and augment or enrich material from member submissions. The community acts as a hub for discussion and advice, alerts, reports, and other material. An attack on one member provides an early warning or cautionary education to the rest of the group that can then leverage the expertise of peers, and swap experiences against similar threats.

“Security challenges in the sector are unique in that they’re complex but also, in many respects, impacting technology that is sprinting to catch up to the rest of the world,” added Orsi. “This puts manufacturing and other users of Operational Technology in a delicate position that demands cybersecurity engagement during this modernization. MFG-ISAC is trying to help provide that.”

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