Marelli has Chosen Upstream’s AutoThreat® Intelligence to Strengthen Cybersecurity for its Connected Vehicle Components

Marelli Selects Upstream's AutoThreatB. Intelligence to Achieve Unparalleled Cybersecurity for its Connected Vehicle Components-01

Upstream Security, provider of a cloud-based mobility cybersecurity and data analytics platform, which is purpose-built for connected vehicles and smart mobility services, announced today that Marelli, a leading Tier 1 global automotive supplier, selected Upstream’s AutoThreat® PRO solution to leverage multiple data sources and advanced AI-based methodologies to secure its products and comply with current and future cybersecurity standards and regulations.

With rising connectivity penetrating deep into the automotive industry, both OEM’s, as well as the entire supply chain, must be prepared and protected against rising cybersecurity threats. This new reality requires advanced, AI-based solutions, purpose-built for connected vehicles. Marelli will be utilizing Upstream’s AutoThreat® PRO, the automotive industry’s leading cyber threat intelligence and risk assessment solution. Purpose-built to collect, analyze, and leverage automotive threat intel from multiple public, deep and dark web sources, empowering customers to manage risks and vulnerabilities, comply with cybersecurity standards and regulations, and take action to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks.

“We are thrilled to empower one of the automotive industry’s leading suppliers to gain valuable cyber threat insights,” said Yoav Levy, co-founder and CEO of Upstream. “Upstream’s AutoThreat® PRO will surely be integral in enabling Marelli to transform the future of mobility and to create a safer and better-connected world”

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“One of the main priorities for Marelli is ensuring our customers get all the possible guarantees and commitment related to cybersecurity,” said Luca Bertoglio, Chief Information Security Officer at Marelli. “In this view, Upstream’s platform is the ideal solution to protect Marelli’s products from cyber threats, allowing our customers to develop safer connected vehicles.”

The cybersecurity landscape has driven the automotive ecosystem to develop forward-thinking tools such as security analytics. “We are assisting Marelli to power progress with information that helps them secure their devices both today and throughout the lifetime of the vehicles they will support,” said Giuseppe Serio, VP Market Development at Upstream. “Marelli is a strong partner in securing the automotive ecosystem, going above and beyond today’s cybersecurity standards to collect critical in-field data.”

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